Friday 5 February 2021

Warwickshire Avon - Anarchy and Absurdists

This week has flown by, work has ramped up big time and being ask to help on a secret squirrel project it's only got worse.  

Still with the Skullcandy's donned and mixcloud fired up, the mouse was twiddled and the keyboard bashed I've managed to get the CAD jobs ticked off, and the pound payers satisfied. 

Even Zoom and Teams calls went without drama unlike the embarrassing Handforth Council meeting that went viral this week where those somehow paid for by the public purse turned in to a group of squabbling school kids.  

The footage shows members of the council trading insults, people being booted off the call, tempers flaring and hysterical laughter all in the space of a few minutes

Anyway don't mess with Jackie Weaver when her mouse hovers over the room attendees list, you're on borrowed time, and I'm right behind her, you are meant to be adults. 

The weather had been relatively mild during the week with no frost if I can recall so the fish would have had some time to acclimatise.  The options locally to fish anything flowing was very limited indeed well unless I wanted to fish the brook again, but I am a little brook'd out if I'm honest and I fancied a proper bend in the rod.

The Avon was still bombing through but the levels we stable and the temperature at 6.9 degrees (taken at the session) a Barbel could be up for a feed.

Ones suspicions were correct because on-route to the swim where I had a couple of hours in to dusk I bumped in to the bailiff and his friendly black Labrador. He'd managed one already in a very turbulent swim where I've caught some nice Barbel before.

I couldn't imagine much more would bite in these conditions, well unless you fished maggot and could fine a nice slack.

I don't mess around with meat baits for Barbel, one standard tin provides 4 pieces and I've caught all but one of the double figure fish I've caught using baits this size.

Boilie and paste does feature for sure but usually when a Chub is likely to bite because I want to avoid the pulls and plucks and be confident that the bait is still on. Warwickshire Avon chub don't seem to be up for a feed when it's chocolate brown but the Barbus when they are mooching around haven't got an issue.

The problem is they have to be there in front of you especially when I am only fishing one swim in this short session but to cut a long story short, there was nothing doing at all. A confident donk of the bait in a swim I've caught my PB and numerous other fish from, however nada, nothing, not a jot.

When I bumped in to the bailiff on the way back to the car in the pouring rain he hadn't had anymore either. 

Still with gear in the car it would be rude to not have another go tomorrow now wouldn't it.... 


  1. Hi Mick, can I ask what hook size you use for that large chunk pf luncheon meat?



  2. A size 6 Esp Raptor Clive, pull it through with a needle and turn the hook 90 degrees so it grips the side.

  3. Thanks Mick, not sure I've used a size 6 in 15 years or so and that was in turmeric flavoured spud for carp fad.



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