Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Warwickshire Avon - Hyjackers and Hypodynamia

It took an almost unconceivable 7 minutes for British special forces to storm the Greek-operated oil tanker in the English channel and to wrestle control of the vessel from seven stowaways who had threatened the crew in what the defence ministry described as a suspected hijacking.

Troops from the Special Boat Service, a navy special forces unit, boarded on Sunday the Nave Andromeda near the Isle of Wight as the vessel showed signs of distress. Police boats and helicopters helped provide distractions as at least 16 SBS commandos took part in the swoop on the 42,000-tonne Nave Andromeda which was due to dock in Southampton.

Under the cover of darkness, they descended from blacked-out helicopters and approached the vessel in fast attack boats. The troops were lowered on ropes from two Merlin choppers, while a pair of Wildcat helicopters circled above the tanker, providing close surveillance of the target. 

Commandos in boats also used grappling irons to climb aboard the 230-metre vessel while witnesses reported seeing blue flashing lights from police boats at the scene.

A source said: “The police lights were a distraction. This was an SBS operation from start to finish.

“Seizing ships is their bread and butter. They are happiest working in the dark.”

Now talking about happiest working in the dark, James Denison had his own mission under the cover of darkness to wrestle with a 15lb 12oz Barbel from the Sussex Ouse. Almost a military operation in itself the results speak for themselves. If only it was that easy, as no doubt for sure must be a lot of planning and it cannot just be about the Samson hair that he is now portraying. 

For me I'm very haphazard in ones approach and this session down the Warwickshire Avon where I've already managed a near PB beater was no different. 

You see a window of dangling opportunity appeared out of nowhere so I cobbled some tackle together and I was bankside half an hour before dusk to hopefully temp a beast myself. Now the river was well up in-fact a good 4 or 5 inches up from when I visited the stretch 48 hours earlier with the family to do some swim clearing. 

My feet would need to be dangling in the water in the swim I had prepared so I had to go back to the car and change ones boots for wellies. I didn't want to fish particularly far out hence the use of a centrepin but the middle of the river was motoring through, close in was a nice pacy smooth glide, but there was still a load of debris drifting down which did cause a few issues.

Some hemp and pellets went out with a dropper to provide a buffet to try and get the fishes heads down. But I'm sure a better concentration around the hook bait via a pva bag might have been the better option. It was default approach to recently to be fair, till I ran out of mesh that is. Now to be fair no matter what the outcome of the 2 hour session in to dark I wanted to try a new nightfishing set-up with two chemical light holders anchored to the top and bottom of the white rod top.

I've gotten in to too many calamity incidents when fishing two rods in the dark so all my sessions from now on will be one rod only. 

So as the light was going I wanted to get settled in to enjoy the evening but then realised when I picked up the rod rest that from the car to the swim somehow I'd lost the male half with the rod rest head. Hmmmm, great, it was in the unhooking mat with the landing net so God knows where it was.

So 5 or 6 walks to retrace my steps with hacking of stingers and searching with the torch a spot of luck I actually found it, as I did have visions of a makeshift one made from a tree branch. 

So with that drama out the way better get fishing. The first chub pull came after an hour or so with the new bite indication set-up working as intended. 

The top indicator moving more than the bottom so the bite is unmistakable. Ok there is no mistaking a Barbel bite but I still like to know what going on beneath the waters surface.

One thing I like to do as well is to use hardened hookbaits as Warwickshire Avon Chub really are a determined bunch and even when using long hairs eventually they will hook themselves.

Two chub down with no Barbel showing the only encouraging sign was that the Chevin took a liking to the Hinders Ramiz (thanks Hiders !! ). They have a fantastic strong meat garlic pungency that fish can really home in on, these hardened dumbells, not rock hard, but enough to resist the attention of chub, till they snare themselves that is.

I was hoping with the moon illuminating the river behind me and the stars bright in the sky there would be a one last hurrah before I had to go. 

It never materialised mind you but still, I'm enjoying this fishing in to dark lark, one of these sessions will come good I'm sure. I'm sure my PB will come from here, so I'll keep plugging away.


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