Sunday, 18 October 2020

The River Leam - Dingbats and Defecators

A post of disgust, a post of defecation....

To give his new wellies a decent outing Sam and I were enjoying a short session on the float down the river Leam when I noticed a man in a bright orange t-shirt trying to negotiate the fallen tree that leads to the large swim we were fishing. He saw us, we saw him so he double backed on himself and I was going back to where he came.

I didn't think much of it, was probably a jogger wanting a look at the river but then Sam piped up...

"Daddy, what's that man doing ?"

I look behind me and cannot believe what I was seeing, he had removed his t-shirt, and was squatting with his trousers round his ankles and was yes, you've guessed it taking a sh*t

Literally in plain sight of Sam and I and he clearly couldn't give two hoots that we were in the vicinity.

"OYE !!!!, what the hell are you doing ? "

"Sorry, really needed to go"

"There is a pub there FFS, they've a toilet you know" "Disgusting , right in front of us, I hope you're going to clean it up.

"Yeah I've got a plastic bag"

A few more choice words went his way, as he was outed and embarrassed hopefully so there was nothing in return, well how could he respond to his actions. Luckily with Sam there I was quite reserved because there might have been a different outcome altogether. 

His mess removed thankfully, I can only assume it's a regular occurrence as he goes jogging equipped knowing that he will need to poo. It was the fact he knew we were there and still carried on with his act, just typing it now it's got me wound up, what kind of person thinks that is acceptable, doesn't bare thinking about.

On a more positive note it was almost a bite a chuck over the 4 swims with fished. Simple tactics a light float set-up and a pint of maggots. Nothing big, roach and dace the main quarry and some of the fattest minnows we'd ever seen.

The river is clearing so the larger fish didn't show, but to keep Sam entertained a bite a chuck is most welcome especially as I was worried we'd need to venture in to the field with the bull in residence and after a scary encounter down the river Leam, that wouldn't have been a good idea.


  1. Do they make those wellies in an ‘adult’ size 10?


    2. Great aren't they, what you cannot see is the spiked details on the back of them gives you a good hold to get them off easy !! My Wife can wear Ben's pair as she has the same size shoes as him :)


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