Saturday 2 March 2019

Warwickshire Avon – Smelt and Snot Rockets Pt.11

With the diary makers grabbing hold of ones collar again, Sam was with me with this session so sadly my intended trip to the syndicate water was swapped to somewhere a little closer to home and easier to access. I wouldn't say it is relaxing fishing with Sam, enjoyable yes but the verbal diarrhea gets worse as the session goes on.

A maggot rod to do some float fishing and also I'd fish a bait in the weirpool to try and winkle out on of the Pike that reside here. There are some good Perch to be had as well and I've caught them to 2lb or so from this area before. Now it too

From an anglers point of view the movement, speed and direction of the ever shifting volume of water have to be closely analysed in order to make an intelligent guess at the location where certain fish species would be.

The pool here was up more than I'd liked but still, there were some areas of slack and a nice back eddy where they should be hanging around.

There is no art, or mystique in weirpool angling, indeed as in many other branches of angling, success is often the result of a careful and detailed appraisal of water movement, combined with the appreciation of nature and character of the fish therein.

But as Sam has said "it's a weirpool, it HAS to contain fish"

Anyway back to the session, we kept on plugging away though and eventually had a few baits big enough to turn a few pikes heads. Well that was the plan anyway, it didn't exactly go as intended as despite fishing the pool for a good hour or so the predators were very elusive indeed.

All the excuses under the sun, because I rarely blank here, but sadly did for Pike today....

Rain the day before, water temperature, clarity who know, but it was certainly an off morning. The swims where I'd expect to find fish, just not there. A cormorant was disturbed feeding in one of the the swims when we got there, but I don't think that was the main contributory factor.

Odd, very odd !!!!

The highlight of the morning, a stick "that looks like a crab"


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