Saturday 9 March 2019

Warwickshire Avon - Gap Stoppers and Gilflurts

A heavy fall of rain can transform the tiniest of stream in to a torrent of thick brown water. Swims that once contained only a few inches of water now contain several feet, and their character is altered overnight. The angler must adjust his tactics and methods to the new conditions.

Now while the spate is at its height the big lobworm is undoubtedly the finest bait, and will remain so while the water retains its colour. Chub are more active in the open water, and this can be a great time to catch them, especially when the water begins to fall and clear.

Now like this morning session when the water begins to fall, ledgering methods are particularly deadly. I use a link ledger set-up with just sufficient weight to sink the bait and to hold it in to position once it's found, so the slightest nudge from a Chevin will dislodge it and therefore register it as a bite on the rod-tip.

Once the rig has settled in position, a little slack line should be allowed to form between rod-tip and water. This is important because the first indication of a bite is given when the line begins to tighten. If this indication is missed the bite will be registered on the rod-tip, but it is best to watch the line sometimes and to strike as soon as it begins to tighten.

Fewer Chub will then be missed....

Ledgering is normally done in a downstream  direction, but the upstream style should not be neglected as it if often better to fish upstream than down, especially for registering the bite. Chub usually don't mess around though, a pull is usually confident affair and transitions in to a proper wrap round.

It is wise to study each swim, and then decide which method is best suited to it, always remembering that success is more likely if the angler remains undetected. During a period of high water it is sometime possible to take a large catch of chub from one swim, but the secret to my catch rate is the opposite, I rove however and move from swim to swim talking a chub or two from each swim like I did for this morning session.

Nearly 10,000 steps covered which for a short session just goes to show how much I rove and I often return to the same swim where I've caught fish from before. Once the spate has swept all the leaves and debris away and brought more colour to the water the fishing like it was for this morning session fantastic.

Ok nearly four hours but the conditions for many are tough judging by the catch report from others. So 7 or 8 fish caught, one lost and the two biggest fish registering 4lb. And the bait, well cheesepaste was the order of the day, all confident bites and why I love fishing for Chub.

The wind called the end to the session in the end as I'd had a much needed stay of execution I was enjoying it so much.

Chub got to love them !!!!


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