Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Warwickshire Avon – Weinstein’s and Wasserman’s

Talk about a Hollywood cover up and a massive fall from grace from the ex Miramax front man and co-founder of the now disgraced Weinstein Company….

You just wonder why it took so long to all come out, and boy it’s all come out now hasn’t it.

Throw the book hopefully….

With a face only a mother could love, maybe the years of female rejection as a teenager and young adult turned him in the predatory creature he turned in to.

He’s everywhere at the minute, print, press and social media, cannot get away from him….

As one that experiences vivid and often lucid dreams, often ones thoughts over the day(s) turn in to mad dreams and often cognitive bizarreness. As a kid, I can still remember the recurring dream that seemingly played out night after night, maybe that’s why I’ve never slept that well, I didn’t want it repeat itself, like it did, time after time, again and again, but it did…

I just learnt to deal with it….

However, post stinking bishop and a couple or three glasses of Nero D’ Avola, things can go off the scale, copious amounts of tryptophan you see, doesn’t agree with me.

So one of the lucid ones last night…

One of my rare properly in to dark fishing sessions, bankside, light fading, bats out.

Night-lites, snapped, a soft green glow.

Sit back, tips static, waiting for that Barbel or Zander to pick up ones bait.

Motionless minutes turn in to what seems like hours.

Every small sound, turns a mouse in to a monster.

Hmmmm, I’m not enjoying this.

2 hours in without a bite, my subconscious mind, overly active.

Time to pack up, head torch on, feel better now, rods out the water, leads removed, rod tip protectors donned.

Time to go….

Last scan of the water with the Nitecore’s 2000 lumens, fish jumping, thousands on the surface.

Head pans round to the left, the beams has reflected off something

“What the **** is that”

Scans the water again, it’s getting closer, it’s a boat, wtf !!!!

Am I hallucinating….?

Nothing in the boat but it’s moving against the flow, something’s not right.

It’s 20 yards from me now, then all of a sudden, a massive surface disturbance, the boats moved, I’m scared now.

Heart in mouth, a balloon faced man’s head emerges from beneath the water and then stares right at me, for a couple of seconds, ‘it’s face’ now fully illuminated.

It's Weinstein, it's Weinstein !!!!

Then time stands still, its head now disappears from view, then the air changes, a drop in pressure, the sky appears even darker.


This thing has now exited from the water again, massive tentacles for arms propping itself on the boat, this time it’s fat face seems even bigger.

A clear face of rage, body of grotesque proportions, my heart now pounding, scared as hell. Its silhouette masking any residual light, it’s now proper dark, the head torch, on and off this giant figure, I feel it’s getting closer.


Wakes, ups, arms flailing, “Thank **** for that”

Back to the sanctuary of the Wife’s cosseting bosom.

I get back to sleep pretty quickly.

So for this session in to dark down the Warwickshire Avon it was out of the fireplace in to the fire.

When I got there I couldn't believe how clear it was, so fishing in to dark definitely the way to go for a short session.

I don't know this stretch very well at all, I need to maybe get the deeper out and have a search around but I settled in the first swim and got the rods baited and in to the water.

I like using big baits for Barbel and this was no exception, but as it was the Lower Severn set-up I only had that option.

So out with the 28mm boilies, oh yes !!!!

I use a long hair too, to try and avoid all but the biggest gluttonous Chub.

The 2nd rod was a standard Zander set-up with a headless roach. With dusk approaching, and both rods in I could sit and watch the night-lites getting brighter and brighter.

Both rods were on Gardner TLB's too, as I'm not one to watch tips constantly, not only do I find it hard to concentrate but I'm also distracted by those 'noises' that appear around you when in this sort of environment.

Anyway not much happened for an hour, but then about 45 minutes past dusk the right hand rod goes from stationary to mental in a split second. I was convinced it was a Barbel at first but the distinctive fight from a Chub that they give, there was not denying what it was.

Quite a big frame to it, very long indeed but obviously been on the Atkins diet as it only went 3lb and 14oz's.

Encouraging signs mind you and I'm glad I'm got a fishing in to dark option on the Warwickshire Avon as it means I can get more sessions in.

Zander particularly, which are not known to frequent this area. I'm sure there are some milling around though and I want to catch one.

Rods back out, half an hour more, motionless, so with the rain coming down I finished the session early.

One of many sessions I hope....


  1. Absolutely the best time of all to be out Mick,into darkness.The eyesight maybe hindered but the other senses become 'heightened'and the super specimens begin to drop their guard.

    1. That's what I'm hoping Mark, need something to get me out of the mediocrity I'm in at the minute :)

  2. Nice to see you get off the mark with the after dark sessions.

    Looking forward to seeing if you can find any zeds. I suspect they could be interesting proportions if you do find a few...

    1. I'm sure they are there Sean, just need to find a bit of depth. But yes, looking forward to a few sessions now I've got the first one out the way.


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