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Saturday 14 October 2017

Warwickshire Avon – Cabbages and Cardialgia

I blame the Luftwaffe….

I’ve not experienced the Coventry ring road in anger for some time now but having to venture over to the ‘delights’ of the Foleshill Road the other day to meet up with some friends for some catch-up fodder I was looking forward to a nice pint of ale.

You see apart from the unpleasant but controlled chaos this road brings, the lovely council have also turned in to a building site with major road works going on. Probably to something to do with the student accommodation that is seemingly taking over the City over recent years.

So the concrete jungle looked even more concrete.

But I’ve a soft spot for Coventry as it formed a big part of my social and work life, and given the choice to live in Cov or Brum, it would be Cov no question.

People get on in the most part.

Oddly not being over for sometime the demographic of this road has changed in a short period of time, at least I know where do come for a cheap car wash.

Anyway with more luck than judgement I managed to arrive in one piece, a thirst quencher required.

A throwback from the 1970’s the huge TV’s a distraction from looking at the carpet.

Looks at pumps, peers over the bar at the fridge, hmmmm

“Have you got any ales on”

“Sorry only lager and cider, oh and Guinness and Worthington Creamflow”

“Errrr…..I’ll have a coke thanks”

Luckily the food was pretty good, massive sizzling platter of sheek kababs, lamb chops, and tandoori chicken were polished off and the balti’s tasty. Spicier than the usual curry house norm too, no complaints from me.

The cheese, garlic and chilli naan’s particularly good. No short measures here.

About 3.00am I was rudely awoken by a farting fox and oddly seemed to coincide with a bout of heartburn that I experience from time to time.

So after a load of Gaviscon’s finest I couldn’t get back to sleep, so only one thing for it, I’ll make the rods up. You see I’m off to the Lower Severn for a fishing weekend and as a big planner of my fishing trips might as well make hay whilst the Wife sleeps. Targets for the Severn trip, well having caught a Rudd there last time, a trotting set-up but the main line of attack would be for big Zander, big Barbel and Eels.

Two main rods, both running set-ups, big Boilie, Roach deadbait.

So with the rods already made up, might as well give them a bash up a deep area of the Warwickshire Avon.

There is an area of Cabbages where I’d caught Zander from before so this short morning session with Sam, a dead and a big boilie were positioned whilst Sam had his quiver rod with last week’s maggots to use up.

So best laid plans and all that, meticulous planning, never paid off.

So another blank to add to the list....

The conditions are not brilliant at the minute and with a boat equipped with an outboard powering up and down the stretch the wake probably put the fish off.

No bites on maggots either such the dire session.

Wind picked up, Sam got cold, you get the picture. I ended the session early, just nothing doing.


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