Saturday, 25 February 2017

Warwickshire Avon – Poetic Crustice

Cakes, donuts and custard tarts.

Chelsea buns, jam tarts and Bakewell slices.

They don’t quite do it for me sadly, a peppery pork pie or a sausage roll forthwith, chop, chop.

I just haven’t got a sweet tooth so when there are birthday cakes or leaving cakes in work, I rarely indulge. So anything savoury especially as if its free I find hard to refuse, and could happily pulls ones chair up gorge myself on the finger buffet full of scotch eggs, pastries and quiches.

Then again oddly I’m up for a large slice of Victoria sponge if it’s to Mary Berry standard....

yum yum.....

Now think of a piece of white fluffy bread topped off with a golden brown baked crispy crust stuck in front of a large mouthed Chevin.

No right-minded Chub especially a hungry could or would refuse, surely Shirley….

Even I’m licking my lips….

On a recent session for Chub the bites although were there didn’t come as quick as expected and the fish that were caught were OK, but nothing like the size I know that grow here.

Maybe it was the blue-green colour and clarity of the water by my reckoning, it wasn't as coloured as I thought and in previous trips to this part of the Warwickshire Avon bread would have been the better bet.

So with a crusty loaf purchased it was back to try and catch one of the lunkers that have sadly eluded ones hook thus far.

Now I like tinkering with methods so for this session I’d also add some flavouring so by dunking the bread crust once hooked in smoked Mackerel pâté, I’m sure the Chub would be obliging and it….

also doubled as my breakfast….

I was in to minds whether to trot for this session as it’s something I want to do more of in the new season but as the swims are small here it’s more suited to a link ledger, the depth varies quite a bit too you see and I know of a few holes that Chub would likely to be hiding.

I didn’t think it is particularly necessary to feed any mashed bread either as if there is a small head of Chub in a swim then mostly likely the larger fish would find it first, well that’s my thinking, hierarchical feeders where the bully gets its first.

My usual link ledger set-up was modified for this session, a running ledger bead complete with shot link sandwiched between two float stops and a Kamasan B983 tied direct to the link.

The float stops could therefore be moved up and down the line if necessary, particularly in slacks where the flow wouldn’t dictate the buoyant breads height but moving the shot link closer to the hook would.

So did they come to the party....?

Well the greedy smaller ones did, as a short morning session I banked about 8 fish, the biggest 3lb 8oz so not the biggest sadly but on my TFG River and Stream rod and centrepin they give a cracking scrap so it's not all about the big fish as I enjoyed the session immensely.

The search continues....


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