Saturday, 24 December 2016

Warwickshire Avon – Breaking Bad.

There must be a breakdown in my brains reward system, dopamine ain’t one of the neurotransmitters I usually lack but recently it just isn’t doing its thing. I just don’t seem to have any motivation to go fishing of late and to be honest, it’s a little worrying.

I think I’ve a mild form of anhedonia, arse….

Recent poor sessions and blanks haven’t helped matters but then that isn’t usually an issue as my fishing results are a huge bag of mediocrity.

The weather, well it’s been pretty good hasn’t it, so doubt it’s that. Work, maybe, it certainly gets in the way doesn’t it and the dark mornings and dark afternoons means by available fishing time as a family man is severely limited.

To be honest during the winter months you could fit my window of opportunity on a halfpenny rose red…..

However as a usually frequent maggot dangler every chance I get to wet a line I need to grasp it with both hands. Otherwise my hobby and pastime wouldn’t get a look in and life’s routine would take over. Recently however when it come to decision point, shall I get out of bed or enjoy the warmth of the 15 tog duvet and the Wife’s Heisenbergs, of late, the latter has won.

All very weird as fishing gives me some ‘me time’ that I rarely get….

I’m not quite ready for the Prozac or methamphetamine hydrochloride just yet as today is Christmas Eve after all and I’m on the banks of the Warwickshire Avon but if things don’t change in the New Year I need to look in to it a little deeper. I’ve not quite jelled with this new stretch you see which doesn’t help and I’ve already thought about what to do for the new season.

I’m 50 / 50 at re-joining at the minute as come the 2017/2018 season I fancy seeking some dark territory off the frequently trodden path and away from the more familiar radar. Maybe catching something half decent here though will give the endogenous chemicals a much needed boost.

I’d a bucket load of lobworms in the garage, so this session was simple roving tactics with a link ledger set-up, a reasonably long hook length and it was a matter of exploring the lower swims and bouncing around a worm in and around snags and open swims.

Despite the recent rain it was clearer than a clear thing and the session as suspected proved difficult, after 5 or 6 swims with two missed bites the last a proper wrap over I was still without a fish.

Eventually a much shallower swim produced a tiny chublet but sadly that was the highlight of the session.

All very disappointing. To be fair three other anglers were finding it as tough as me so I'm not ready to hang the rods up just yet.

Damn it, oh well at least my cooking is on fire....


  1. Jamie Oliver chicken liver parfait on the hob there mate.

    I cant buy a bite Mick if that helps mate,i only got a BAA card this year[sadly full of chasers and circus]as all the old clubs i had been part of didnt intrest me no more especially the Arrow which had a meadow taken back by landowner[who fishes it himself]after 15 plus years.I cant buy a bite mate,tried today on W Avon 2 rods [usually a one rod man]and not a touch just some annoying bloody boxing day boat warriors ruining the peace.
    No idea/s for next year im loosing intrest shapish its all waiting lists that never seem to go down.
    Atleast the music making has come back after a 5 year break and im enjoying making some new[well what is new today,i prefer the oldschool and that is what still influences me]beats bass found sounds electroacoustics.
    ATB Mick.




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