Saturday, 31 December 2016

Canal Zander - Happy New Year !!!!

A quick session and a quick post....

I nearly hopped to the swim when I saw the colour of the water. I knew the fish would be biting you see and they were. An opportunist 2 hour window saw me headed to a swim that produced my PB of 9lb.

As I expected first fews casts of the big lure, a 2lb Zander

Deadbait is more selective when it comes to the size of Zander and a chunk of washed out Roach was positioned in the channel and the float remained motionless until the last half an hour when it started to bob and move from its position.

I was a little premature with the strike and the bait came away from the grasp of the Zander, it surfaced though and damn looked a big fish.

Usually a recast in the same area another bite comes quick and fast but sadly this case it didn't. Maybe it saw my ugly mug, I'd seen it after all.

4 further fish came to the lure and it gave some decent sport.

Headed in to the new year I really want to get stuck in the closed season Zander challenge again as I want that cut double, I'm sure it's dooable again it's just bank time which the closed season gives me as when the rivers can be fished the draw of flowing water seems to take priority.

Anyway happy New Year fellow bloggers and readers and I hope you have a good 2017....


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