Monday, 27 June 2016

Warwickshire Avon – Rub a Dub Grub

With the available water I could fish limited and my weekend beyond busy it gave me a good opportunity to explore the upper reaches of the clubs waters and walk its near mile long stretch.

Pedestrian pace, lily pads in the margins, plenty of cover and deep, in-fact very deep in places.

With my polarised sunglasses I’m surprised I didn’t spot any carp but my roving grub set-up meant I could learn more about what was in front of me.

What I quickly learnt was that it’s a huge expanse of water and despite fishing in plenty of tasty looking swims the tactics employed were not likely to bag many fish.

Setting ones stall out would have been the better option, still plenty of small fish took a liking to the waxworms particularly the greedy perch.

A groundbait feeder with a couple of pellets for the bream, swap the hook links on the barbel rods and fish a dead roach for Zander, a carpet of hemp and boilies for the carp, a lure rod for the Pike.

Decisions, decisions….

The road noise was a little off putting as was the relative lack of fish milling around but if I’m in the same situation again I’d probably sit it out behind ones rods.

Now bream, I can give or take, carp too especially when I know of a certain swim I can catch them off the top, and another area where potentially sticking a bait on the deck on the carp’s patrol route the day ticket stretch could throw up a 30lber.

So Zander or Pike it is then….

Given the choice I’d like a double figure Zander, it’s a species I’ve grown to know and love but having only fished a handful of river sessions for them the results have been as expected.

Still, short and sweet, It certainly wasn’t time wasted.

I'll be back....


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