Monday, 11 May 2015

Closed Season Zander Quest Pt.9 – Double Bubble

I was running low on deadbait, with probably only enough for a couple of sessions at a push, but then luckily I stumbled upon some small Roach I’d stored in the main freezer next to some Packington trout and a Tiger Prawn Sagwala. Great, that’s another couple of Zander trips sorted. From information I received this area of the Grand Union could potentially throw up a decent carp as well as decent Zander so as a potential bloggers challenge point accumulator as well as my running headless roach rig and lure rod I also brought some bread and dog biscuits so I could easily adapt the running rig to effectively fish freeline style.

I spotted a surfacing carp last weekend so they are definitely having a mooch about.

Hopefully, Double Bubble……

Sadly, just a pipe dream...

6 or 7 swims fished with just two tiny Zander to show for it, there were no signs of Carp either. Judging by the state of the banks It looked like recently lots and lots of the cover had been cut back, maybe that didn't help. I need to come back for an evening session when it's a bit warmer. I know the stretch now so I can plan the session a bit better.


  1. Ha ha I did exactly the same at the weekend Mick, except I had pop ups fished over some hemp and my standard running deadbait rig out. Not a sniff. As I packed away a large fish splooshed on the far shelf just to take the veritable....

    1. Glad it's not just me that is blanking :) This stretch looks like it has potential but I'll visit it again in a summers evening and target the carp specifically.


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