Monday, 4 May 2015

Closed Season Zander Quest Pt.7 – Crocus Pocus

After six trips to the Grand Union I decided to switch my attention to the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal. I’ve fished it a few times before, once at Bearley where I blanked but found a dead Zander, at Bishopton Lane where I was targeting the reputed Tench in the stretch, I managed a tiddler but got fed up of the boat traffic and vowed never to return and then lastly Lapworth Kingswood Junction where my lure didn’t even get a nibble, zilch.

I’m lucky to be fishing here as In the late 1950’s Warwickshire County Council sought to obtain legal abandonment of the canal, as much of it was un-navigable by boat, silted up and even dry in places. It would have closed the canal however supporters campaigned to keep it open, a campaign which had a far bigger impact. Eventually the National Trust took it on and with many of its volunteers took responsibility for the restoration and maintenance of the southern section. The canal was fully navigable and was officially re-opened by the Queen and Queen Mother July 1964.

To be commended, and in these times probably not appreciated……

It’s a narrow stretch in most parts, not much wider than a couple of barges but it’s interesting to me as it has lots of feature. I wanted to cover as much towpath as I could so I decided to fish a roach section on my stumpy 6ft Wychwood Extricator sleeper running set-up and use a lure rod to try and find some fish. Using the tried and tested leapfrog method it’s surprising how much towpath can be covered in a few hours.

It can get stupidly busy here with boats and as I wanted to cover an in-between pub 2 mile stretch I started early, just gone 6.00am in fact. Luckily being less than ten minutes away and with a knackered body clock, not a huge problem, but also by 11.00am I wanted to be finished and tucking in to a bacon and sarnie.

A fellow fisherman who was lure fishing had just caught a large eel, considering the size of his landing net and the eel within in, it must have been half decent. I covered lots of ground and fished quite a few swims for the odd knock and a small perch when I bumped in to another angler who was float fishing small deadbaits. He had a fish of a couple of pound and whilst I was there chatting he had a take when he was retrieving his bait. I decided to fish a little further down and after a few casts a fish took the lure on the drop, it was putting up a half decent fish too, when, bang it was off. I assume it wasn't hooked properly, damn. Despite fishing plenty of fish looking swims I came away with naff all, even the roach sections didn't have a touch.

I've an evening session planned midweek, this time back on the Grand Union.


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