Sunday, 11 January 2015

Well and truly gongoozled...

I was in two minds what to fish for this weekend, there is a considerable volume of water in the rivers at the minute and with unseasonably mild weather during the week there might be a chance of a Barbel. The temperatures plummeted overnight though so I felt it might have been a shock to the system and turned them off the feed.

Canal Zander was therefore the target so I went to my usual beat and intended to fish for a few hours with a headless roach on two rods and a firetiger lure fished time to time. The third retrieve of the lure I caught a small Perch but the morning was hard going.

In my relatively short canal Zander fishing bank time I've been pretty successful but one thing I've discovered is if you don't get a run on the deadbait with half an hour of it settling it's time to move. I tried 6 swims and even drove a couple of miles to my banker swim and yet the bobbin remained very much motionless. I hooked and lost a Zander on the lure rod, today wasn't my day. Maybe an evening session would have been the better option or just stuck with the Barbel.

Afterwards I went for a look at the now shut Warwick Racecourse Reservoir home to 2 of my PB's and, yeap well and truly buggered.

Drained, the fish gone and the fencing starting to be removed.

Sad really as I grew to like it and today would have been possible PB Perch beating conditions. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when the removed the fish, I bet there were some surprises.

Talking of surprises, I won the Gardner tackle competition by subscribing to their YouTube channel. I didn't realise I had not being a facebook user until Alan Stag sent me a message telling to get in touch. I lost a TLB bitealarm when fishing at Jeff Hatt's birthday bash so this will replace that and then some. Cheers Gardner Tackle.


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