Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Trotting Transmutation.

Trotting will feature more in my fishing in 2015 as I think I’ve been missing a trick. It’s not that I haven’t tried the method before, I have and I’ve had some pretty good success too with one particular session banking a load of greedy Chub that took a liking to cubes of meat. I mainly used a fairly hefty chubber float as the narrower stretches of the Avon I fish such as the brook tend to flow far faster than the main river. Because of the pace of the water on many occasions the float used to drag under far too many times for my liking, holding the float back to make the bait catch up was an exercise in itself. I was getting better at it though but needed to make some changes to help with the frustration.

I use a pin and the line thickness didn’t help as it must have caused more drag preventing the line to come of the spool in the required speed. I’ve now changed to an ultra low diameter line 6lb line the other change was to swop the chubber for a 4SSG speci waggler which I lock with a Preston jumbo shot either side of the line with a few no 6 dropper shot. I’ve no doubt a moving bait will give better presentation and I prefer to be more active when I’m fishing rather than the bait and wait approach which recently has featured far too much in my river fishing. It has its place and especially when fishing in to dusk in the summer it’s a method I will continue to use. Rolling meat has also been productive but I’ve never really gelled with it. I prefer watching a float if I'm honest.

The small changes did seem to help no end on couple of times I’ve used the new set-up as the float was flowing through far better and only a couple of times ended up being dragged under without a fish attached. I just need the water clarity to clear up a bit so I can dedicate more time to it. Hopefully before season end and the start of my canal double figure Zander challenge.


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  2. Hi Mick The waggler can certainly give a better presentation and more controll when fishing across the river rather than down the inside line, so more scope. I must force myself to do some too before the close.
    Oh and good luck playing the zander double lottery, one of these days one of is going to win it.😉


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