Sunday, 22 December 2013

The calm before the storm...

What a strange day, the river looked perfect when I got there at 7.30am. It was up a good couple of feet and looked ideal for Chub. Simple tactics a link ledgered lobworm lowered in to some likely looking swims at the Warwickshire Avon Brook.

I knew the weir would be like a torrent so the Pike gear was left at home but when the river calms a tad I'll try again for another Pike. Talking of Pike I've had a couple of interesting emails and texts about some potential big Pike that have been caught and spotted around the area so as it's the Christmas holiday period soon I might go and put the information to good use.

Anyway back on topic I couldn't get a proper bite for love nor money, and even in my banker swims. Maybe cheese paste would have been the better option. I had the odd rattle of the tip and that was it. I had intended to stay till 11.30am but an hour before the wind got stronger, the sky got darker and a storm was heading my way. It started to chuck it down and unless I'm under an umbrella I don't do rain.

Not a good day and with the river out of sorts and a fridge stocked with lobworms I'm even thinking of trying for a Perch at College Pool especially as looks like there is a storm and a load of rain is heading our way.


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