Saturday, 28 December 2013

I knew something wasn't right...

when I caught a glimpse of the Perch coming up from the depths of College Pool in Wasperton, a Perch this size should be fighting harder. I've caught a blind Chub here before but this was probably worse, a fish, especially a Perch without it's tell-tale spiny dorsal fin. Keepnet damage maybe ?


It must have adapted quite well to it's adversity as it was a plump 1lb 11oz and the biggest Perch I've caught at the lake. There are bigger ones in here but for some reason I've never connected to any more than 2lb. Tactics couldn't be simpler for this morning a float fished lobworm with dead maggots and chopped worm as feed. I only fished a few foot from the bank but you wouldn't believe just how deep this lake is, in the middle when casting a lead out it takes an age to drop to the bottom and dink the lake bed.

As the rivers are in flood I felt I needed a change of scenery and apart from the scarecrow there was only me at the lake, just how I like it. It's got potential College Pool, apart from the Carp which fight way beyond their size there is a monster that lurks within it's depths. A big eel maybe ?

On another bit of bad news when walking the bank I noticed a dead signal crayfish, I really do hope it's a one off but I must admit, recently I've come across quite a few in the areas I fish in Warwickshire, not a good sign at all.


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