Monday, 4 November 2013

Not a sausage...

Sunday morning I went for a look at the peninsula peg on the River Arrow. The path is by the side of a huge field of corn which gets more difficult to pass as you make progress. From the car park it's a good 15 / 20 minute walk so I doubt it sees many anglers. Last week I caught a Barbel from this stretch and with the weather getting colder it will probably be the last time I'd fish for them before the cold weather gets a firm grip and I start fishing properly for Chub, Perch and Pike.

From the peninsula you have 3 decent pegs to fish and all looked idea, a few slack areas, cover and creases. The plan was to bait up with a dropper, make myself some sausage sandwiches and then start fishing using a boilie wrapped in paste, lobworms or garlic spam on the hook. As it was cold I couldn't wait to get the breakfast going especially as I lugged the stove bag this far. One problem though, no sausages, I stupidly had left them in the bait fridge in the garage, arrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh.

The fishing didn't go much better either, and despite looking ideal condition and giving the bait some time to settle in the three different swims I didn't even have a touch, no rod tip rattles either. I thought debris might have been an issue but no, that wasn't the problem, it just seemed devoid of fish. It was far colder than the previous week and that was likely the issue. After 3 fruitless hours for the last hour I went to fish the area that I caught some fish from last week.

The Arrow certainly has plenty of character as I said before though the roar of the A46 really does spoil it for me, maybe the wind was in the wrong direction as road noise was certainly more intrusive than last week.

I switched to lobworm and that seemed to get the fish interested but no fish came of it after 4 and a half hours I went home with an empty stomach and a blank.


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