Saturday 23 November 2013

Fowl Play !!!

The Warwickshire river Stour was the venue for this mornings Roach pursuit, frosty it was too and looked ideal conditions, it really was a glorious morning and after being stuck in the office all week, It was nice to breathe some fresh clean air.

A link ledgered worm or bread disc was going to be used as bait and the rod was my trusty TFG 10ft quiver rod.

And then......

a couple of tractors with trailers turned up in the field opposite and I thought it was a farmer moving some of his sheep, however wasn't my luck today as my peace was interrupted when the local wildfowl shoot had come in numbers and were soon crossing the river bridge to settle talking distance from my peg.

I had no choice but to move as the first wave of duck shooting the swim was being peppered with shot and one of the dogs jumped in the river just downstream of me to try and recover an injured duck.

After trying a few swims all I managed was a few bites and a small Chub on bread, maybe the first overnight frost had put them off but after 3 hours I called it a day. 


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