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Sunday 6 January 2013

What a blanker ! - 05.01.2013

Decided to go down to Hampton Lucy Brook to try for a winter Barbel, the Avon had dropped considerably and with the previous few days being unseasonably mild there was a half decent chance I'd catch one.

The 400 yard walk down to the swim showed just how much the water had been over it's banks. This  picture shows rubbish left when the river dropped was just a few paces from the car park.

I settled in to a swim I've caught Barbel from before, the Avon is narrow here so it might be walking pace downstream at Stratford-Upon-Avon, but here, at the Brook it was motoring through still. With a boilie wrapped in paste on both rods I intended to try each swim for 45 minutes and then, if there were no bites I'd move on.

No bites or knocks at all in the first swim

Or the second....

Or third....

Or the fourth and last....

No sign at all of fish topping either, if previous trips were to go by, I'd expect at least a Chub. With some big debris wrenching one of my rods over, I called it a day.

It's starting to get cold again now and with some let-up in the rain, I intend to give the Brook a rest, hopefully it will recover and I'll be back in a couple of weeks to try for the big Perch and Chub. The Stour next weekend to try out some new swims.


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