Thursday 10 January 2013

The ultimate fishing chariot ?

I used to be in to my performance cars, my first car was a MG Metro, then a Metro Gti, a Toyota MR2, TVR Cerbera, Toyota AE86, Mini Cooper S, a Jaguar S type R which I owned for five years and then finally the Subaru Forester 2.5XT.

The Forester has to go this year, I've sort of fallen out of love with performance cars over the last few years and at the time the Forester seemed to tick all the boxes. I moved from Birmingham 4 years ago and I live in a semi-rural area of Warwickshire at the top of a hill where the roads are never gritted, the Subaru's 4x4 system therefore came in to its own when traction would have otherwise have been a problem.

The Jaguar was the worst though, 400hp, 400lb/ft and an open diff it just didn't move when the ground was even just remotely slippy.  When conditions were good though I drove countless times down to the bottom car park at the Leamington Anglers Association Wasperton stretch, for those that know it, it's a farm track. After getting it stuck and having to ask for assistance from the lovely Wife it was sold for the car known as Fugly.

For those that don't know the Forester is basically a jacked up impreza, so it shares the same turbo boxer engine, gearbox and AWD 4X4 system. 1400kg's with over 200hp and 230lb/ft of Torque it goes well too, less than 6 secs to 60 if you dump the clutch and give it some beans. It's a back to basic car, crude but has some decent creature comforts.

Heated seats, Sat-Nav, cruise control, heated mirrors and even heated elements under the wiper blades.  It's got good ground clearance too which has come in handy on many occasions when I've gone fishing. I changed the tyres to the Yokohama Geolander AT/S, it's an allseason tyre with a mud and snow rating and it's unstoppable when conditions get difficult. 

It's got a nice big usable boot and with the seats flat you have a bed, so hey why am I selling it, sounds like the ideal fishing rod transporter. Well not sure really, I fancy a change and the low twenties mpg can get tiresome after awhile. I turned 40 at the end of last year, I'd rather spend time fishing than on a track day, so any ideas for a suitable replacement are welcome ?

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  1. Reading your past motoring history I don't think my suggestion of a Pug Expert will cut the mustard Mick! Perfect fishing wagon though, plenty of room to leave some kit in permanently along with room for a bed and no one can see what you have in the back.


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