Friday, 26 October 2012

Centrepin purchase

Bit of an impulse buy I suppose but after landing my first fish on a centrepin last year I've bought myself a Marco Cortesi Mk2, It's my 40th next weekend so I've also treated myself to a custom rod built by Peregrine rods, it's going to be their Paul4 design built from a Harrison GTi blank but with a few tweaks.

I know it's a budget centrepin but the reviews and those that have used it have nothing but praise, so for an introduction to centre pin fishing it's hard to beat. Being a novice I'm looking forward to the challenge and the rewards of catching a big fish on the pin.


  1. I bought the MK1 version winter before last Mick, I'm ashamed to say it hasn't seen water yet.

    However it seems incredibly good for the money, perhaps I'm missing something not having seen an expensive pin but as they are such simple things I can't imagine what else it could possibly need to do that these don't, enjoy.

  2. As an engineer myself I thought for £40 it was unbelievable value, as you say not much to go wrong as the parts count is small. I think it's more the contemporary look and crude (apparently) ratchet that get the purists all worked up.

  3. I have the MK1 and it's a good little reel for the money. The ratchet is a bit on the noisy side, but it's great fun hearing it scream when a decent fish powers off! No need for a bite alarm! It's one of my better buys for sure.

  4. You will soon get hooked on fishing with a pin mate and then you will be shopping for some real serious pin bling LOL


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