Monday, 1 October 2012

Hampton Lucy Brook - 30.09.12

A stunning morning over Warwickshire, pictures say a thousand words.

The silhouette of Hampton Lucy church visible in the picture above. The plan for the fishing was simple, a link ledgered lobworm and some roving to see what I could catch. Some great swims at Hampton Lucy Brook, narrow sections with streamer weed and lots of cover, shallow glides and a weir. There are undercut banks and deep holes too, the depth can vary considerably.

The walk from across the farmland is usually peppered with big fat black slugs, so the first one I spotted ended up on the end of the hook, natural baits are hard to beat and any bait that had for free is hard to ignore, within 5 minutes the rod tip rattled and I was in to a nice Chub, a decent fight where it was trying to get in to the undercut bank and any snag it could find it was in the net. The Avon chub do seem to be fattening up and this one weighed 3lb 10oz. Two more smaller chub later the swim went dead and I decided to move.

The next few swims I couldn't get past the smaller Perch, nothing really of size but plenty of them, the biggest was just under 1 lb. I tried to re-use the lobworms as much as I could but they managed to get through 20 of them in under an hour. Back to a slug as hook bait I couldn't temp another chub but a decent mornings fishing all the same. Next weekend I'll give the Warwickshire Stour a go or even the Leam at Offchurch. Hampton Lucy Brook is so handy for me, it's hard to ignore.


  1. Small perch have to be the greediest fish in the river.

    Top stuff sir, well done.

  2. Great photos Mick, I,ll be starting my perch campaign after the first water sorted. see you at the next match. Keep up the excellent blogging. Cheers dave r


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