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Wednesday 8 June 2022

Transient Towpath Trudging - Pt.37

This oxygenated swim usually produces some of the best canal Zander you will ever likely to see (black'uns), the problem is it can be hit and miss if they are there or not.

So after an 45 minutes in without a bite it was time for a move. I did catch a bream though before the rotund windlass waver opened the lock gates 10 minutes before she needed to. 

That put paid to that, the Sensas 300 dispersing all over the shop, the other bream in the swim looking through their sleep masks and thinking "here we go again"

It was far more coloured than I'd like for this session where I'd fish maggot and groundbait on the whip and also a Zander rod with a small roach.

So with that swim up the swanny I up sticks and wondered to an area an angler can seek solitude. Here no road noise whatsoever, just the bird song and sheep baaaa to keep me company. 

Even the 3/4G signal an arm stretch away and only on select areas too. After the relentless weeks of the daily grind and family life I've been having of late this venue really does work wonders.

What I didn't expect what just how mad the session was, the predator rod had no enquiries whatsoever but the whip, wow, after feeding some groundbait the fish turned up after 20 minutes and the float never stopped. 

Bite after bite, fish after fish. Small roach initially and then the bream and hybrids turned up and I lost count the number of fish I caught. Even the large open swim was alive was fish in the middle and next to the reeds over at the far side, where I was fishing 8ft out, fish soup my blog reading friends. 

I have never had a canal session like it in all honesty. No keepnet so I returned the fish up from me. I also lost a big fish that after being hooked tore off to the middle of the canal with the whip bent to its butt and then eventually the size 16 wide gape with three maggots on pulled sadly.

A carp or tench ? or even a chub who knows but after the curfew came and I had to be off, I'm going back for more later, this time the whip is swapped for a float rod and the predator rod swapped for a method sleeper. 


  1. That's the thing with canals Mick, one minute you're catching some lovely silvers and the next a turtle / catfish / sturgeon / sock / trumpet / alligator crashes the party! :)

    1. Stay tuned for the next instalment then Keith !!!


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