Wednesday 16 February 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Noah's Ark and Nomenclators

Barbel fishing for me is usually a short smash and grab affair. The thought of sitting behind a motionless rod(s) fears me with dread especially when the probability of connecting with one on the Avon these days is getting less likely than it was when I started fishing it.

This season though my eyes have been looking elsewhere from the usual stretches I fish for them, and this short after work session ( I was hot to trot lets put it like that )  I went down at an area where I spotted a small shoal in the summer and managed a couple of them after they tested my patience. 

The river was well up and as expected chocolate brown so I had some worms with me and some pungent krill durable hookers. 

The problem was the first swim I was getting wiped out all the time from all the debris coming down and it was clear staying in that swim was a waste of time. So the next swim luckily had a slack which allowed a bait to be positioned without issue. 

I bait dropped some dead maggots and some small pellets and was confident that a hungry barbel would find the smörgåsbord. Now it was windy very windy and not an issue usually but nearly an hour in without a nibble the weather got interesting. 

Because the rain started.... Only light as first but then literally within 5 minutes it was so heavy I was looking for Noah's ark, it was apocalyptic !!!!

As you know I pride myself in fishing in all weathers, but it didn't help that the gusts were blowing it right in my face and despite the new jacket doing a brilliant job of shielding me from the worse of it, I knew I was in for a right good soaking, I've never seen anything like it in all my years fishing. 

Now luckily I travel light so I made the decision to pack up and head straight out of there. The parking already like a river, thankfully I was in the Jimny as it could have got 'interesting' lets put it that way. This is a diary of my fishing so apologise for the short and sweet post but hopefully I'd be out tomorrow and hopefully fair a little better. 


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