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Friday 25 June 2021

Warwickshire Avon - Subordinates and Surexcitation

Chub as you know are one of my favourite river species to catch, however for Barbel anglers for some reason the Chevin is considered a nuisance fish and they are considered lower in rank to the 'River Prince'. For me its the wide variety of baits and techniques that can be used to catch the aforementioned loggerhead and I've always mixed-up my approach for them to keep my interest up. 

Chunks of liver at dusk, Salmo Hornet crankbaits and surface insect replicants, whole whitebait and most recently raspberry mushrooms. There is one method that I always come back to though and that is using chunks of bread on the surface to search out the fish who are often in hiding until something of note appears over their noggins.

The tackle required couldn't be more simple either because all you need is a rod a reel and a hook. There is no real science to either but it can often get you a bite when other methods are actively ignored.
I wasn't going to bother going but having worked from home for almost 16 mths now every available opportunity to get active and bankside and rise from one pit I need to grasp with both hands.

So after exceeding my hours once again an overcast Friday afternoon looked perfect for a couple of hours Chub fishing where hopefully I'd get a bend in the rod. I'd rather fish effectively than spend an obscene amount of time bankside, time that basically I haven't got.  

Now like many I have ups and downs working from home where the workload is concerned but outside of meetings with YouTube fired up on the projector and the CAD machine bashed in similar rhythm to the DJ mixes I have been listening to I would say I am more productive than if I were back in the office fulltime. 

I'm now back in once a week though because we are human after all and unlike the Health Minister, yes the sanctimonious Matt Hancock I'm there to work not to play. 

These short and sweet short sessions break up the week up nicely and not wishing my life away because at the minute for some reason the weeks really do flyby. The car I'm working on had the first prototype build coming up so hopefully all hands on deck. 

Anyway to cut to the chase 3 chub caught after roving around a few swims but boy were they suspicious of the bait. Feeding little and often was the order of the day but even then they inspected every morsel to the nth degree. The tactic worked though, ok nothing big but very satisfying to catch them like this. 

Especially when they have been sunning themselves !!!!


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