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Sunday 21 March 2021

The Close Season Zander Quest Pt.176 - Penetration and Penanggalans

The closest stretch of canal I fish for Zeds has been rather kind to me in the past, over the last couple of years however those bites that were frequent and forthcoming, are now few and far between.To be fair because of that I've not fished it in anger for a while, just the odd short session here and there as, well its just so damn convenient. 

I was in two minds to maybe have a chilled morning but I'd only regret it, because well I'm an early riser and just cannot just lay there twiddling my thumbs or annoying the Wife, that could wait till the evening.

Now this stretch I almost always have it to myself but I've noticed more anglers around when I've ventured here over the last year or so, but I suppose lockdown and only able to travelling 'locally' many unfortunately are treading these poo riddled towpaths as its about all they can do. 

You welcome to join me to be honest, because you'll still be in the minority of those that use the canals for leisure. Dog walkers a plenty, a few mountain bikers, one cyclist so slow I was surprised he stayed upright, he looked in his 90's though, so not done himself a disservice up till now, oh and another canoeist, who was quite chatty and had watched me put the fish back.

Anyway back on topic the boats for some reason are still lockdown too and can only move for essential reasons, so the water that is usually very coloured here has not far off a couple of feet of visibility. Zander you see thrive in water when its coloured and their superior eyesight means prey is easy to come-bye. Still find cover though if there is a Zander holding up you will get a bite quick.

So another roving session this where I ticked off 10,000 steps quick easily but fishing 3 days in a row can take its tole on someone who is next on the vaccine list, well was until there was a month delay announced and under 50's without any underlying health conditions are not at risk.

Remind me again why I've been living under 12 months of restrictions ?

Now this stretch has been given a crew cut by the CRT contractors, and it's spoilt it big time, those fish holding areas removed in huge swathes and even the banks have been trimmed to offering no visual appeal whatsoever and much if the grass ends up going in the canal with is very frustrating indeed. 

It baffles me, ok I know some areas can get overgrown but why has so much been removed. Even for this session when I'd finished up a whole line of cars had parked up and they were from the CRT contractors that had turned up hacking, cutting and strimming the already bare banks.

On a Sunday for Gods Sake !!!!!, then again I suppose overtime gets in the way of no man.

There is plenty of rubbish dumped along this near two mile stretch, why not have a go at that as well. You noticed I'm not exactly thrilled to be fishing canals again ? well you guessed right. Those picturesque canals not safe from the red jacketed sheer wavers who seem to growing in numbers. 

Still there is Zander to catch and after 3 hours in with an hour left to go I was biteless, but as I said before find cover, you've always got a chance.

Sure enough, not long after getting the smelt and roach out the left hand float bobs and weaves and the float is dragging to the right.

It submerged at one point so at that point I leaned in to the fish and the first run it felt a half decent fish, To be fair not the greatest fight I've had off a Zander but when it surfaced, it wasn't a bad un. The hook had come out in the net and if it wasn't for spotting a dead rat just up from here, almost good enough to eat.

I jest but it was in super condition, one bite, one fish, almost 5 miles covered, it's not as easy as sometimes I make out. 

I retained the fish in the net to see if I could winkle out another one, but no, that was it no more bites. The sun was out though and ok, I've caught plenty of Zander with blue skies and bright sunshine, but with clarity like this, the rays can penetrate the water column quite easily I'd imagine.

Nice to see a decent stamp here again though, this fish going 4lb. 1oz, I'll be back for sure.


  1. Beautiful zed - wish we had them near here

    1. Likewise with your small chalk streams with Barbel, great species though, tough as old boots

  2. Good to see you back in the old routine Mick?

    1. Yes John back in to the swing of things, two half decent Zeds so far a 4 and 5lber so encouraging signs

  3. Nice one. Missing the zeds, but I'll be after them soon - got to see if that 8lber was a fluke!


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