Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Warwickshire Avon - Depeculation and Depixelization

The Prime Minister today took his weekly Wednesday questions over video feed for the first time in Commons history. However God knows who at number 10 has been tasked to sort BOJO's camera and audio set-up during the PMQ's as it looked like it had been cobbled together in five minutes. 

The picture looked like it was streaming by 48k dialup and in some parts it looked more pixelated than a well watched Japanese adult video covertly picked from the hidden bottom draw with that suspicious look to the left, and then to the right, before the goods are handed over. 

Anyway it's 2020 for God sake, I bet even using his smartphone would have a done a better job and for nothing like the cost to the taxpayer. Why it was so bad, is beyond me because the Government are good at spending ones hard earned money of late. For an address by the Leader of the country, it was all a bit woefully half arsed. 

Even the backdrop was ill thought out, which made Boris look colder than a cold thing. Has there been an improvement since the first one, eeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr No !!!! The only saving grace for Boris it was Keir Starmer asking most of the questions and the novice batten was handed over and was never returned. 

Still it meant that's ones own cobbled together short session didn't seem to bad after all. You see it literally took 2 minutes to get a few bits and pieces together and I was sorted for a couple or three hours fishing in to dark down at a convenient section of the Warwickshire Avon where I can fish without the worry that at any minute I could receive a tap on the shoulder from a bankside bailiff. 

So one rod only with a chunk of spam on the hook, and a few freebies via a dropper. Would something be up for a bite I wonder. A barbel would be nice or even a half decent Chub. This working from home malarkey isn't all it's all cracked up to be for me, in-fact I've never been so inactive during the working week judging by my step count. 

A short after work session like this is ideal really as not only I'm getting some much needed fresh air, but also ones legs are woken up from their slumber and the blood starts to circulate again in the seemingly forgotten parts of my body. Many prefer working from home, not for me though, I cannot wait to get back to the normal routine again.

It was already starting to feel cold when I got there just as the sun was starting to set. The skies remained clear throughout the session and the moon was high in the sky and illuminated the whole area. After a huge bite came within 10 minutes of the rod being out and a chunk of spam had been nicked from the hook I thought I'd at least bank something of note.

But no, a few more similar tugs but that was it, there was nothing really doing at all. The wasn't even any fish topping either, all very dead indeed. It was 2 degrees when I left 3 hours later though, so certainly cold so maybe next time I'll fish with some smaller more pungent baits. 

Maybe spam was a little overkill, I might put a sleeper deadbait out as well, maybe I'm missing a trick as could there be Zander here too ? Only one way to find out. Still on a positive note, the trapper hat is as warm as ever. 


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