Friday 4 September 2020

Warwickshire Avon - Narcissists and Nephelococcygia

You've got to hand it to Meghan and Harry, pulling off a £100 million Hollywood production deal is an amazing achievement when your combined experience of producing anything in Hollywood could be written on the back of a postage stamp.

But their stupendously rich paymasters Netflix didn't hire them for their experience, or lack of it. The world's most successful streaming giants hired them because they're royal, titled, and therefore, can generate spectacular global media attention just by breaking wind in public

Will I be watching, errrrrrrrrrrrrrr no !!! I'd rather read the Guardian.

So anyway back to the fishing, a score to settle, I'd been made to look like a mug you see. The other syndicate members catching some clonking chub and yet I'd managed only chublets. To be fair I'd had some clonking bites from them when after Barbel but those bites came at dusk and beyond.

After I caught a cracking barbel at the start of the season here they have remained very elusive indeed. I've tried quite a few times now  because this section is very handy indeed.

When I'm after Barbel I tend to use long hairs because lets face it catching a Chub on a 1.75TC Harrison isn't exactly playing fair now is it.

So for this very short session in to dusk and well in to dark it was a change of tactics.

I'd modify the hair so that the bait was sat tight to the shank of the hook and I'd use my usual chub rod which to be fair if needed would have the backbone to tackle a reasonable barbel it it were to come along instead.

The Avon is clear again and it can be tough going for anything big till the light goes. Sure some bits can be caught but colour is required for the bigger fish to play ball.

The wiser bigger fish you see want to stay out of the way of predators till the feel safe to venture out.

Like all the stretches of water I fish from canals to small streams, small rivers and bigger rivers Otters are present and I see them in broad daylight now, at least when the light goes they have a fighting chance of escape.

Anyway back to the session a rather mild evening and after some sunset cloud watching which was very pleasant indeed it was to he fishing. After bait dropping some hemp and mixed size pellets I sat back and relaxed to enjoy the rest of the short session.

Mad Bikers on a mission can spoil the tranquillity from time to time, and tragically not far from here when I was backside one evening on another club stretch a biker underestimated a bend and was killed when he carried straight on in to wall.

There were a few about this evening but as dusk came and went luckily they did too. As soon as the bats came out and started twanging the line the first proper bite came.

It didn't take long either once the chub were on the feed and all their wariness went out the window in an hour I'd banked 3 chub, all that hooked themselves. The bites unmissable such their power.

Not he biggest admittedly considering the stamp that swims here but very welcome all the same.

Short post, even shorter session....


  1. Something I should do, that into dark stuff..

    1. Give it a go, really does work well on the Warwickshire Avon. From being dead all day bigger fish start to move.

  2. I've tried it on the drains here and seldom a touch but early morning as the light arrives is a different matter. Fishing is strange. ATB, John


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