Tuesday 11 August 2020

Warwickshire Avon - Spammers and Scumbuckets

Ones blog over the last few weeks has been bombarded with spam comments, up to 10 a day sometimes and despite me altering setting to try and quell the onslaught it's still coming thick an fast.

All adult website related, don't bother clicking, it's not even the good stuff (a little birdy tells me)

Still the weather has been nice hasn't it, in-fact probably too hot really because the rain has been few and far between, the rivers so low and clear I've stopped targeting the Barbel especially where I fish where the waters are deeper and sluggish.

A weekend of celebration and copious amounts of well, just about everything, this week is very much damage limitation.

Just felt all a bit blurrrrrrrrr after all the excesses....

....luckily with the good weather the BBQ has been out in anger, highlights include tandoori chicken, mint yougurt with salad and lentils and cus cus and some of the biggest prawns you have ever seen.

Alcohol off the cards for a week, heck even 'Wine Wednesday's' put on hold till the liver has its thumbs up. Thunderstorms could crop us most of this week so fishing could well be put on hold for a while.

 I like many anglers and gardeners to be fair at the minute are praying for rain, because lets face it the ground is looking parched the oxygen levels in the rivers low most likely.

For this dodge the shower session I decided to pop to the syndicate stretch to clear some one of the downstream swims for a potential dangle in the future.

I've not fished this area yet so it will be interesting to see what turns up because there is more cover here, a safer place for the bigger fish to hold out.

Once that was done I got the deeper out to find the deepest area which turned out to be nearly 9ft.

There were fish in the swim as well, the water temperature a swimable water 22 degrees. Two sections of lamprey went in just before dusk to try for whatever came along basically. I've caught decent Chub and Zander on lamprey so it was fingers crossed and sky watching to try and winkle something out.

Dusk came and went though without even a raised bobbin or an enquiry, there were hardly any fish moving either this was not looking good.

I stayed an hour past dusk and apart from one tentative pull that was my lot. Still nice to be out out though the sights and sounds at dusk amplified by the senses.

A short session, an even shorter blog post....


  1. I tried to post a comment earlier but good old Google wiped it out for some reason. they told me I had a problem? Yes, the problem was Google. Anyway it's good to see you have lack of rain problems, the ground is concrete here and the drains are full of Eelgrass and and the all-clogging floating pondweed. Then there's the Great Ouse Snot. Roll on some cooler weather then the gear will come out, I see people sitting by the Middle Level with no shade of any kind, they must be mad.

    A note on the Jimmy, the Boss and I decided to have a look at one at a local dealer but the Boss wisely said check their website. Checked and the had one new Jimmy that had been given the 'light' touch of the stylist. Yours for £39,000, I fear not, the Panda rules!

    Hand drawn Guinness, now that is interesting.

    ATB, John

  2. Hope all good with you and the dogs John... 30k got to laugh, would be 12k more than I got mine new 12mths ago. Lot of chancers at the minute because supply and demand and all that. There was a big waiting list before Suzuki pulled it. Should get 4 or 5k more for mine though, not tempted to sell it though, could well be a keeper.


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