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Saturday 14 March 2020

Warwickshire Avon - Bombardments and Bordellos

A stretch of the Warwickshire Avon primed by Nic of Avon Angling Uk and ready for a carpet-bombing bombardment of multiple intended targets. Bread, deadbait, worms, maggots you name it used in the quest to pinpoint the quarry. A bread and big meat approach for me, with a deadbait added in to the mix come sundown.

Nic would be employing a similar approach, one light set-up the other heavy, this an area familiar to him despite not fishing it for a good while. A couple of large hairy things with teeth manning the sentry post in recent times and being out in the open isn't for a fish anyway, a good idea to be honest.

In more recent times though I'd managed to winkle out some nice fish despite not catching the Silver Bream that I needed to help maintain my lead at the top of the Bloggers Challenge River leaderboard. I'd caught some nice Roach, Chub and Pike over those 5 or so sessions but twice I had hooked something that outgunned ones armoury.

There were certainly big fish here still despite the apex predator being just a load of fizzing underwater bubbles away. The previous sessions weirdly no bream were landed and yet this is an area known for bream.

It's relatively deep with a uniform bed you can see why they would like it here. Also a previous syndicate stretch sadly we had to relinquish, not far from here some specimen silver bream turned up that might have been some of the biggest ever to come out of flowing water if only the capture realised the significance.

I'm sure there would be some surprises that would crop up in this session because I'm sure there are still some gems to be had here, but also it was Friday the 13th, dubbed the ‘unluckiest day of the year.’ And let’s face it, there could be some truth in that claim, with today falling at the end of a particularly tumultuous week in which the coronavirus situation has acutely escalated leading to an emergency government meeting.

It may seem to the media the end of the world as we know it, but we'd fish to catch.

So enough of the preamble how did we get on !!!

To be honest it was a lame affair indeed, bites were hard to come by and Nic was the only one to bank any fish at all. Maggot and bread brought bites but nothing wanted the large lump of flake I was offering. Even in to dusk where things were looking up because of some interest from small fish nothing materialised. A pull on the meat rod by a chublet I suspect, and even when I put the smelt out later on in the session, nothing wanted that either..

When the dew on the unhooking mat was showing a frost, yes really, it was time to make a move. Very disappointing indeed but I'm sure there are still some gems to be had here, we just chose an off day do come I suspect. 

All very odd because when Nic had put some bait in earlier there was fish topping. Nothing we could have done they, we did our best on the river in front of us.

We'll be back.


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