Saturday 22 June 2019

Warwickshire Avon - Coxcombs and Conny Wabbles

An area where things go big, the dock leaves enough to provide shelter for more than one, the weeds towering above the treetops in places with stems as thick as bamboo. The rubbish more than I'm used to such the footfall. The fish, well who knows because this is only the second time I've fished this area, the first time I did a 'Burton', and blanked.

But that didn't put me off, it just looked right, the flow, the colour, the holding features. It screamed Chub, but us anglers know that fishing can be strange at times, fish when they are having an off day and not feeding, despite their gluttonous nature, nothing that you can do can spur them on to feed.

This morning was a different story, I've never had such a good Chub session. Now usually in these warm and sunny conditions I like to try and get the fish feeding off the top.

But the last chub session on another part of the Avon was tough and I could see them rising up to the bait, but they actively ignored the bread and the desire for a full belly and let the bread float past such they suspicion.

Change of tactics though, a slow sinking large piece of doughy bread which when first cast I had a fish on within seconds I knew I would have a good day.

They were properly on it, four fish within half an hour, the biggest going 4lb 8oz the smallest a pound less.If I had retained them I would have possibly had more but after another two fish, there was a now a good wait for the next bite.

At the end of the session with the last fish caught another 4 pounder I lost count of the Chub I caught, there were some chublets getting in on the act as well. It was certainly over 10, probably heading towards 15. The sun was strong when I left and that certainly put them off, but I can only imagine the size they would get come winter. This area will always remain on my radar now. A memorable session indeed.


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