Wednesday 20 February 2019

Warwickshire Avon – Smelt and Snot Rockets Pt.8

A group of cyclists on a narrow B road over 20 strong, two and three abreast, straying over the white line, a hazard even given a long straight road ahead most drivers would think twice about passing, a Honda Jazz’s worse nightmare. Oblivious to a car behind, holding conversation, these MAMIL’s with minds elsewhere, a danger to themselves.

An opportunity arises, they are all within one lane, a straight, a load of underbonnet horses revel in. woooooooooffffffffftttttttttttttt, bahhhhhhhhhh as I pass.

“Car, CAR !!!!”

Shame you didn’t realise that a mile ago, luckily my blood pressure was unhindered under the provocation. I’d a predator session to go to, but like all my sessions pre-planned, rods made-up.

And it would be a full moon….

Things happen under a full moon you see, things with teeth come out, and I try and fish every single one of them.

The moon has long intrigued humanity. Cultures throughout the world have myths and beliefs concerning the moon, many of which ascribe mystical significance to Earth’s natural satellite. 

Some beliefs hold that the full moon drives individuals to insanity, while other common moon myths contend that the full moon imbues fertility and causes women to give birth. 

While this has last belief long been disregarded as an old wives’ tale the lunar cycle has profound effects on the natural world, including tidal patterns and the migratory patterns of many animals. 

It’s natural then, that we could conclude that humans would be affected as well. Research like this cow study might one day prove just how interconnected we and the celestial bodies truly are. 

Fish affected too, yeap I’m sure of it….

For this session I was down at a section of the Avon where I not only lost a Zander that would have obliterated my river Zander PB, one of those lost fish that I still re-live to this day. 

As an experienced fisherman in all things Zed, I could tell it wasn’t hooked properly, the bend of the carbon not as uniform as a good hook hold should be, it’s second exit out of the water shaking his head dislodged the Sakuma Manta like I’d ever seen it done before.

The fish, gone, the bend no more !!!! 

Since that lost fish I’ve fished the swim a few times without a second coming, but it was a chance conversation with a seat box frequenter that apparently a huge Zed was caught on a halibut pellet by his mate barbel fishing in these hallowed water it’s always been on my radar. Not only is it also home to my river PB, I’ve had some good Pike from it too. 

Anyway both rods smelt, a two hour session, a resting fish , honest Gov’ner past dusk. Two Jacks were caught quite quick which was encouraging, and then after the loss of a Pike around dusk that looked around 7 or 8 pound I was hoping the 2nd half would get the Zander moving when the bigger pike would be more elusive. 

The first tentative take happened, and then a few more, one dropper run, an inspected bait, the tell-tale puncture wounds of a Zander, a small one though. Baits halved, to at least bank one, no more bites, swim dies, returns with tale between ones legs.

The moon waving goodbye, till the next time !!!!


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