Wednesday 26 December 2018

Small Brook Fishing Pt.5 – Silver Darts and Schism Shops

The last trip out down this vital vein of a small Warwickshire tributary, little Sam perfected his aptly named ‘bottom bite’ technique. You see, feeling the cold as he does, he discovered that he could sit on the butt of the rod, keep his longers and lingers in his pockets and ‘feel’ the bite develop through his derriere.

Now Santa wanted Sam to have his own quiver rod so under the Christmas tree Sam had discovered that despite post brandy and mince pie consumption, he’d left not only a Rhino Fire Nerf gun he desperately wanted, but unassuming and tucked out the way , a 5ft 5” Advanta Discovery RVS River Ambush Rod. This little rod with its matt finish on a stupidly thin 30T carbon blank was fitted with a soft and sensitive hi-viz tip.

Ideal for close quarter fishing in side streams and little eddies, and looked just the ticket to tackle the little brook we’d discovered on our travels.

I might even buy one for myself, what a cracking little rod….

So with a bit of mild weather enough for Sam to be comfortable, we’d headed out to the little stream for the inaugural outing of the rod and to hopefully try and catch one of the good dace that reside here.

What amazed me about this location was not only was the dace of a good size but bites were plentiful despite only really concentrating on one particular holding area.

Dace and Roach often thrive on neglected waterways and this little ditch is ideal to hold a few big fish in its small waters.

Stick it out in the main river, or find some sanctuary and solitude away from the madding crowd, the plundering cormorant the rumbustious otter, I know where I would choose. To me the next generation of anglers should be brought up on this sort of water, it gives a good grounding for starters, but not only that, waters like this is where it all started for me.

Ok, I could take him to tunnel barn to catch a ten a penny lipless F1 for a guaranteed bite, but how is that exciting ? wading through overgrown pastures, battling through fallen trees to a stream you can more or less jump over that just so happens to contain wild spotties, bullheads, roach and some overly big dace.

Heck I bet there are even more surprises to be had and the rewards are there for the novice that no commercial pole slapping water could ever hope of matching.

The rod was fitted with a simple link ledger, a little liquidised bread as feed with a fine wire hook capable to accept a couple of red maggots or a small bit of flake.

So with ‘bottom bite’ enabled, was there a tremble or an earthquake….?

Well to be honest it was a quick session because he wanted to get back and play with his drone Santa kindly put in his stocking, but we did indeed get some bites, dace mainly and a bold biting roach that some reason he didn't hook up to, but Sam had his first bullhead which he was amazed at and and also a tiny trout.

Considering it was resembling a dirty ditch which I suppose it really is, he caught some fish. 

The little rod worked well also and the slightest tremble on the tip could be seen for the most welcome millers thumb.

What he also wanted to try though was his new trapper hat the hot hands pocket warmers which, ok wasn't cold out, well for me anyway, it kept him from moaning like he does, because even when wearing gloves he struggles with the cold.

His verdict, "wohoooahhhhhh these are lovely"


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