Friday, 9 November 2018

Warwickshire Avon – Frig Pigs and Fusty Luggs

I thought my usual commute which is distance of 17 miles and takes 20 minutes was under threat last week. You see after getting back off holiday we discovered the patio door was forced open, the lock barrel snapped, kitchen cupboards and draws left open as was the door to the garage. Sadly we had a visit from a scumbag who decided that he wanted my car off the drive.

Luckily I’m smarter than the average bear and I could get to work on the Monday without issue, with the gene meddler having to go back to his hovel to plan his next misdemeanour.

With Sam visibly scared and thinking “is the robber coming back tonight Daddy”, my current car situation needs a rethink, and it could well be the last car thieving gits want to have, as maybe I need one to suit my lifestyle, not one with 310hp, rubber bands for tyres and a dressed up body waiting to be stripped naked by the undesirables.

Now my regular commute isn't a bad average speed I suppose, but then with one’s body clock up the swanny, starting earlier has its advantages. To be fair even when having to contend with traffic in more busier times, it rarely takes half an hour, certainly not a moan to add to the ever growing list. One motorway junction, an A road and lots of B’s.

Waiting in traffic is not for me, and to be honest, if I had to contend with it every day, I’d quickly go off ones rocker. I hate waiting around twiddling thumbs, watching the world go by, as there are far better things I could be doing.

Sometimes though, it’s nice especially when in fishing to wait for things to happen, enjoy the wildlife, enjoy the peace and take the session as snail’s pace, rather than roving around like a blue arsed fly or a marrowed up Jack Russell.

Now with a nice south-westerly wind proceeding a cool period, and with the barometer rising after a bit of rain, I fancied a go for a river Zander. With a little extra spring in their step and the rain proving a nadger of colour the condition were certainly favourable. 

I hadn’t used the deeper for a while but I’d been reviewing my maps online and remembered an area I found that was over 20ft deep. So it was back out with the deeper and some deadbaits to see if I could find that hotspot, but also to try and locate any shoaling fish to carefully position an easy picking cheese and pineapple stick in front of a big fishes noggin.

Given the choice fishing in to dark and beyond would be my preference for catching Zander but I still have caught and lost some decent fish when the sun has been up, so I’ve got some confidence that I’m not wasting my time.

I’ve tried three or four times of late though, and nothing of note has turned up and blanked on two of those sessions if I recall, but as us fisherman know, a change in conditions really can switch the fish on to feeding.

This session was 12.30pm in to dusk, and such the shortness of the day was probably only 4 hours or so once I'd got myself sorted.

I'd a lure rod with a real eel for the occasional chuck and two deadbait rods with roach one one rod and smelt on the other.

Now before the deep bit I'd given the weir a go with a small nudge on the smelt and that was it, so to the intended swim to sit tight till dusk. A small jack came to the lure around my feet and then a small jack again on the smelt in the deep bit, hmmmm, where are the Zander then.

A 5lb Pike lost at the net, what the !!!!

Now I'd caught Zander here before, over 6lb the biggest and also lost a decent fish, so I was hoping headed in to dusk a Zed would be forthcoming.

There was quite a lot of small fish activity too. Now Dave Roberts was downstream and was bagging up on Barbel, 6 in the end if I recall, with 2 lost and also some Chub caught, the biggest Barbel not far off a double, he was having a cracking day, the fish were up for feeding that's for sure.

It was quite a cloudy day and with dusk approaching it was fingers and toes crossed, with the club waters imposed finishing time on the countdown, after an hour or so with motionless bobbins and the light almost gone the left hand rod springs in to life with the rod tip nodding, the bobbin active.

A fish is on, it felt half decent as well, but I know how Zander fight having caught hundreds of them and as it surfaced, I guessed right, yeap another Pike, this one maybe the fish I lost at the net earlier.

So that was it, no more time left, Hmmmm, back to the drawing board me thinks !!!!


  1. Sorry to hear about the visit from the lowlife pond scum. Over here in Mordor ( Brum) a car like yours would literally be ' gone in sixty seconds' such is the lawlessness at the moment. I drive an old nail just for peace of mind...might be worth considering.

    1. Yeap, something not desirable, slow and suitable for fishing


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