Sunday 6 May 2018

Closed Season Canal Zander Quest PT85 – Trouvaille and Tryptamine

As a past practitioner in all things repetitive beats I stumbled upon an artist and DJ the other day on the streaming service Mixcloud, Ori Gayer, Now Ori has an upload mix catalogue now of over 170 shows with the sort of gene that tickles ones neurones. Psybient , progressive and all things psychedelic. Probably not for everyone unless you're in to the musical genre like I am but worth a listen if you are.

Unlike books which I cannot immerse myself in to, such the way my brain is wired, electronic music particularly really can get me away with the fairies so to speak. So much so my mug which has a Chris Turnbull Zander print on the side was turning in to a kaleidoscope of psychedelic colours, visually very enjoyable for one that enjoys the effect(s). That's what can happen staring at motionless floats as well, can get very trippy indeed.

Now ‘away with the fairies’ is a phrase that has its basis in the Scots/Irish Gaelic tradition of belief in a set of folk myths, the cartoon version of which is a belief in the existence of 'the little people'.

In a mythology that compares with the current fad for stories of abduction by aliens, Irish folklore had the alien role played by the Sidhe, a dominant, supernatural clan of fairies.

Me and the Wife watched  the film Annihilation on Netflix the other evening which got me in the mood, it's is a must for any psychedelic fan if you haven't seen it. Watch the end credits too, as the background offers some of the best psychedelic color swirls since Jimi Hendrix rocked Chicago’s Auditorium in August 1968.

The film well, an addict, a cutter, an outcast, a grieving mother and a bewildered wife walk into a hallucinogenic lava lamp of an alien landscape, unsure of what they will find. This five-woman team isn’t stranded in space on a foreign planet.

They’re in the United States, in a lush coastal region dubbed Area X that looks strikingly familiar, where a meteorite struck a lighthouse about four years before. Since the impact, a phenomenon has occurred. A glowing, pulsing, living dome, called the Shimmer, has ensconced the environment, and it’s slowly expanding, stretching its boundaries even as it transforms all life inside.

New plants snake up from the soil. Kaleidoscopes of colored fungus splash across trees and the exterior walls of abandoned buildings. Two deer stop to sip water, their antlers sprouting vibrant flower blooms. A massive mammal roams the forest, its face skin and fur peeled back to expose new bone growth and razor-sharp teeth.

Lena volunteers to accompany the women into Area X in a bid to reach ground zero, the lighthouse where the phenomenon first began. The government has evacuated everyone from this region since the meteorite’s impact, but now there is growing concern that the Shimmer might eventually cover the planet and eradicate all life.

What she doesn’t know and won’t until she herself is thick in the Shimmer, is that this alien organism isn’t necessarily hellbent on killing off life. It wants to reshape life into a freshly-mixed hybrid of intermingled DNA that creates new forms and, in at least two cases, new facsimiles of existing beings.

And I really can get away from it all and in to a 'dreamworld', I’m lucky like that, as is my brain susceptible to lucid dreaming, it’s just the way I’m programmed. These mixes can often last 2 hours long so with head down, work to get out, it surprising just how fast the day can go.

This deep bit of the canal I’m sure of it, is just that, somewhere to get away from it all and somewhere to enjoy a dreamworld such the tranquility of the place. Because rather be troubled by day to day life, a Zander could easily put their fins up here, consume some acid and become aware of one's surroundings, perceptions, and feelings as well as sensations and images that seem real though they are not. It has even more similarities to the film as well because there is barrier you have to negotiate before you get so see what's on the other side.

It’s unlike any other section of canal I fish you see, if there is a big fish to had, that are anything like me, and still enjoys the peace on their terms it surely must frequent the waters here to revel in the trip it can give.So I wanted to search out a few other spots for this trip, so again, travel light, and leapfrog various likely fish holding areas to see if any decent fish were in residence. Smelt again this time, it seems to be doing the trick.

The session was quite tough, an out of condition Pike complete with open sore was caught pretty quick and then eventually a nice Zander turned up. Another bite produced more resistance and I thought I was connected to something much bigger. Sadly when it surfaced it was a waspers delight but for me it was back down the cut again to relive another day and prey something bigger would turn up. All a bit meeeehhhhhh !!!!!!!.


  1. I don't think the asparagus works as well as that... Should get some off to you within a week. John

  2. Nice one John !!! still make ones pee smell funny ?


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