Saturday 21 April 2018

The Secret Pool – Snakes and Sycophants

A secret overgrown pool, its whereabouts hidden from view, what lurks beneath its calm uncharted surface?

It’s all a bit of mystery what resides here, till now that is….we tell a lie, me and Danny fished he and I had an Eel, nothing to write home about mind you.

A rejuvenated Sam eager to get back fishing because of the fair weather and also fed up of being eliminated playing Fortnite, would be manning the maggot rod for anything that swims. I had a sleeper rod out baited with lobworms, what could we muster up I wonder ?. 

All I knew was no ten a penny F1 carp to be seen here and there was enough intrigue to take me away from the hallowed canal where a double figure Zander is laying up in his hammock. 

I rarely fish stillwaters these days apart from the odd friendly match here and there, just not my thing, however the appeal of a float going under still whets my appetite, so to be honest, even though he sort of kiboshed my plans it was good to get him back out bankside as this is one of his pastimes after all, and one that he really is getting in to. We need new recruits to this hobby of ours and what better way to get the younger generations involved.

So after rocking up at the pool there was a scum on the surface, not ideal but a quick nose around the lake there were a couple of spots worth trying, the first after an hour with the odd nudge on the lobworm rod and not even a sucked maggot it was time to move. There appeared to be spawning carp in the margins in one spot, so we went to the opposite side of the lake and fished in a gap between two trees.

Sam was getting bored so we needed to do something....

Anyway after feeding maggots and after a few swirls Sam lifted in to a bite and initially I don't think the fish knew it was hooked because Sam said "Dad, I think I have something on" then all of a sudden the fish must have felt the resistance and has carted off to the middle of the pool with the baitrunner screaming. Sam having played half decent Chub before was doing a decent job of controlling it and after a few minutes gaining control of the fish we could see it's flanks, a lovely golden common.

Eventually under control and Sam thinking his arm was going to fall off the fish decided to do one last gasp run to some snags and I had to take over by adjusting the drag to get it away from them. When his escape was abaited it sort of knew his time was up so after giving the rod back to Sam it was netted.

A lovely looking fish, and absolutely mint condition and Sam was chuffed to bits, his first carp, on his own rod as well. Not the biggest at 7lb 8oz but lots of memories, so thank-you carp, it made Sam's day. Not there was a fish that appeared twice this ones size, well certainly a double and bronzer even than this one. Another hour passed, without even interest on maggot again, it was time to call it a day, and a successful one at that, eels, well, hardly any interest in the lobworm but the pool covered in weed so maybe would need some time spent to try and find the clear areas.

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