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Monday 5 February 2018

Warwickshire Avon – Turbulence and Titillation

A major victory in the fight against sexism and inequality I say. A new feminist dawn in which young women are no longer forced to debase themselves and their bodies simply for the entertainment of men. Women of glamour, rise up against the oppression of the patriarchy and Stratford-Upon-Avon MP’s, you have nothing to lose but your steady income and financial independence.

We as a malcontent minority can dictate to the rest of you just what is acceptable and what is not.

Two fingers up to the PDC , F1 and the Presidents Club....

Signed: We, the offended….

Welcome to 2018, where I seem to be moving ever further away to the fringes of accepted 'normality' where I think I belong.

I’m not enjoying it so far you see, in-fact looking at my blog I’ve not caught anything half decent in a while now, the thing is, am I bothered? To be honest, not really, the small brook adventure recently is more my thing, sat behind rods for hours on end bores me to death, I need more variety in my fishing and to be honest, small waters and short trips give me just that. The thought of big fish from small waters is a draw, but also I travel with the minimum amount of tackle and I’m likely to be in areas of solitude I need to seek.

I’ve only 6 weeks of the rivers before the closed season though and I want to try and maintain the 2nd place in the ‘River’ bloggers challenge leader board and there are lots of heel chasers I’m trying to bat off.

So I need a bigger Zander as I've only managed a 7lb 6oz fish for the challenge board thus far, also I need to register a running water eel, carp, silver bream, better Pike and a Tench if possible, all doable, that’s for sure, but time is running out. Then I’m planning a rethink on the waters I fish, the methods and tactics I employ, get back to what spurs the arousal, the interest and excitement.

It’s something that I’ve been mulling over for a long time now, plans are in place, don’t worry.

Now talking of excitement, I’d banked a few decent Zander in this area of turbulent water, water where to be honest, you wouldn’t think they would like, but it was the loss of a colossal fish at the net that’s always put this area on my radar.

Sometimes you can just tell if the hook-hold ain’t the best just through the bend in the carbon and this fish I just knew I would lose. As soon as it launched itself out of the water to shake its head, as they do, I was on to a loser. The temperature, colour and levels seemed similar for this session, so I was back at dawn to see if I could play the story out again, but this time with a different ending.

To hedge my bets a little, I had another rod with some cheesepaste to try and pick up a Chub and that proved a good decision. You see the water temperature had dropped to 5.8 degrees which would certainly put a lot of fish off.

The weir proved fruitless for an hour and a half or so, so I headed back downstream to some slacker water again, nothing,no bites despite catching Zander and Pike in this area before. So last gasp try in the weir eventually I manged to winkle out a couple of Chub. The largest, just over 3lb.

The deadbaits, apart from being pulled apart by Crayfish most likely, nothing took a liking to them, all very odd. Not just me, but many struggling with the predators this season.


  1. The predators are there but even they have some new tactics! It's good to be out again though and will be a couple more times this week. The Piking is bizarre, there are millions of tiny roach, rudd and bream in the margins, by tiny I mean an inch to an inch and a half. You can just see them I the highly coloured water so I'm going to try your whitebait ploy on one rod. All the best, John

    1. Good idea on the whitebait front that I tried recently, they will pick up quite a few different species I reckon. Cheap as chips too...


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