Thursday, 4 May 2017

Closed Season Zander Quest PT60 – Kim Kardashian’s Butt and the Glory Hunter

Oh for this age of social media….

Last week Kim Kardashian apparently lost 100,000 Instagram followers following a huge backlash over the un-airbrushed butt pictures that had taken the internet by storm. While some think the paparazzi shots might have been set up to generate even more publicity for the reality ‘star’, others have said the pictures are a clear sign she’s been photoshopping all her images over the years to create an unrealistic picture of herself.

The pictures in question were taken on a recent trip to Mexico and show Kim with cellulite on her world-famous backside.

Not seen it yet ? don’t, you’re not missing much.

You see apparently it is unusual to see her looking anything but completely flawless, and the pictures have led fans to accuse her of ‘being fake’ and ‘misleading’ them.

Given she is one of the most followed celebrities in the world with almost 100 million followers (WTF !!), losing 100,000 isn’t even going to make a dent - but it does suggest her social media crown could be slipping.

Now I work with car designers who use photoshop in anger and they could easily edit one of my fishing pictures and turn a 6 pound Zander in to a 12 pounder, heck they could even add a couple of extra teeth and some stripes for good measure.

What is difficult to photoshop is a video mind you and something that popped up the other day on one of my YouTube subscriptions that triggered something in the back of my mind, I’d seen the chap featured in the video in an article in one of the angling magazines as he had spent two nights chasing the ‘one that got away’. Apparently he had returned to the same swim to bank a double figure Zander.

It certainly looked a good fish, nice and long but the background picture meant it could have been caught anywhere on the canal until I saw the said video that is, and the location was revealed in all its glory.

To be honest, not sure why, but its somewhere I'd not fished in anger before, this would be my third short session here. First session a foul hooked bream, the second a few small schoolies.

I wouldn’t have done that personally having spent an obscene amount of time fishing for a double if I do eventually catch one, its location will remain with the few.

Then again having fished swims time after time where I's have caught the 9lber and PB and the 8lb 10oz fat fish in my title picture, they don't hang about these larger canal Zander.

So for this session and the 60th Quest session I’ve decided to piggy back someone’s good fortune and fish the same location.

A full on Gory Hunter….

Now Martin was already bankside when I got there, boot open and.....

Then Nora Batty turns up from the neighbouring pub

"You do know you cannot park here"

"What even if we buy a pint...?"

"So you're going to buy one then ?, we've been open half an hour"

"I was waiting for Mick to turn up, Mick, so what do you want then?"

"A pale ale please matey"

So pints bought, we re-located on the other side where we sat next to an other angler who had just set-up. He had two rods on bite alarms and was also using a lure rod.

Like a lot of swims I fish for Zander, suddenly they switch on. Didn't really happen mind you, with baits moved around Martin managed a tiny schoolie, the other angler a couple or three small fish. All very poor.

But then I've found fish the next day and the results could be entirely different.There were fish moving around, bream most probably. The Zander suspicious in their absence.

On to the next one then....


  1. Do you find you catch more zeds at certain times of year Mick?

  2. I'd found this time last year, so much easier. God knows what going on this closed season 12 mths on. Not only the numbers seem to be down but also the size of the fish. I'm sure it being milder doesnt help as they do prefer it when it's proper cold.


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