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Saturday 19 November 2016

Big Roach - Redfinmendation

So apparently this carp water had some rather large Roach turning up fairly regularly so with the rivers out of sorts Dave Roberts and myself decided to make the journey to try and bank one of the specimens.

One of the well known big fish chasers who in October put some nice fish on the bank was here for two days and two nights and blanked the day before we decided to try it, but we were given a few swim tips and set our stall out.

4 rods equipped with maggot feeders, fished helicopter style with Dave using the float from time to time.

The water was very clear indeed which surprised me as this was a carp match lake with nearly 2000 half decent fish swimming amongst it's depths.

Static carp fishing and really for me if I'm honest but I don't fish like this regularly but we shared the same so was good to have a natter.

Anyway, we blanked, not even a single fish banked, 2 sucked maggots and a couple of bleeps and that was it.

The carp were suspicious in their absence too, maybe the drop in temperature over night put them off.

Oh well at least the Robin enjoyed the maggots....


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