Friday, 14 October 2016

Warwickshire Avon – Inbreadible

I had the ‘drunchies’ not eating that much didn’t help, but after a few large nosing glasses of Auchentoshan Valinch it was back to raiding the kitchen to see what delights could quell the feeling of an empty stomach and satisfy the munchies. To be fair it’s a feeling I often get after wetting ones palate with a cask strength single malt.

ffff'iing, Dog-hungry…

I was after the giant crumpets Warburton’s do, ok being slathered in Anchors finest isn’t the healthiest of breakfasts, but heck they taste good.

No luck, looks like the kids have had them, bugger…


Wholemeal Roti’s, half a loaf of brown bread past its best, Haribo eggs, drumsticks, Nah….

Hey what’s this though, ¾’s of a loaf of Warburton’s blue and still fresh too after being riddled with calcium propionate.

Hmm not tried bread for a while, with this clear water, probably a good bet to be honest, I couldn’t do any worse than I have been doing.

The frazzles took a battering as did the breakaway’s….

So better sort a fishing trip hadn’t I….

I fancied sitting out this one, I don’t leave my bait nearly long enough me thinks, so two rods were cobbled together

The first a small boilie rigged Barbel rod the other a light link ledger setup with some liquidised bread and some hemp in the small cage feeder.

The reason being was there was some Perch potential here too, so I’d also bring my lure rod equipped with a fake wriggly worm which I’d use from time to time in the neighbouring swims if they were angler less.

Small live baits, only attracted the Jacks last time, maybe something visually completely different would make the difference.

Best laid plans and all that...

Wow, what an incredibly tough session, I should have gone to the pub.

After 4 biteless swims, I settled in one that's has had some major tree surgery. The large cover canopy had gone but it meant a nice pool had been created by removal of the thicket.

As soon as I cast the bread flake something honed on to it straight away.

Hmmm, a small Dace.

And that's the way it continued for more or less the rest of the session. I couldn't get anywhere near a decent fish and after the umpteenth small fish I decided to go back to the Perch swims and stick it out for the last hour and a bit.

Bugger all, my fortunes would have changed at dusk but wow, that was tough going.

Where were the Chub...?

Luckily I have an extended fishing opportunity next weekend, the Zander meet is off due to many on holidays and double booked so I can fish in to dusk for two evenings, I want a decent pull on my rod.

Same story with other anglers, glad it's not just me.

Anyway, Sunday I'm off to the cut.


  1. I always think this is the worst time to go Avon fishing,not warm not cold river filling up with leaves off the willows if I was a fish I would be sulking in a deep hole waiting for some fresh water.I shall wait for the first frosts before going again.

  2. Desperate times need desperate measures me thinks. I won't bother in the day again unless we get some colour, I'm sure the Barbel will be biting at dusk so will do a couple of short sessions next week,


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