Friday, 27 May 2016

Closed Season Zander Quest Pt.42 – On a fighting to nothing

It was 12 sessions ago I hooked and landed a decent fish, a 9lb hard fighting cut Zander that reminded me just how I miss a proper pull on the rod, an ache of the arm, an activating drag.

I use a 10ft 1.5TC Prologic MP Specialist Pro which is a super sensitive, but with a forgiving but slim blank, it’s light too, so great for roving for Perch or Chub for instance, and it gives such feedback even with relatively small fish the fight is enjoyable, but the fight of the 9lber was something else.

Now my 2 rod deadbait onslaught hasn’t changed for a while and I’ve concentrated my efforts on a 3 mile stretch where I’ve now caught two canal Zander lumps, they have been 2 miles apart which is encouraging but there are so many holes in between I’ve not even laid a bait I’m sure there are some lurking monsters that are waiting to grace my hook.

These scrappy schoolies give their best but I want my rod to be tested again….

It got me thinking about the new river season and the way I’m planning to tackle a new bit of river I’ll be fishing on the quest for a >5lb Chub, easily the biggest Monkey on my back and also a PB Barbel would be nice. I wouldn’t say I’m quite at the Joe Chattertons sleepless nights yet, but I’ve already been over thinking my approach come the new season.

I really cannot wait….

So with a few remaining sessions left before I hit running water again it’s these uncharted areas I’m planning to explore.

With it being light till late another change is to fish of an evening, the canal seems to alter its character on this stretch, an eerie silence with a still surface usually covered in plant and forna and it’s quite pleasant to the eye seeing a float move with a Zander tethered underneath disturbing the surface crud, a lure rod would be out of the question.

This session was the first on the countdown, time is running out on my quest for a cut double….

It was warm during the day and a pleasant evening but to cut the long story short, I'll get to the point quickly....

Another blank session, all very odd too as after 2 hours in 3 different swims without a bite I walked nearly mile or so to the banker swim where you can guarantee a zander in Jeff Hatt's X marks the spot fashion but again, not a jot.

They were properly off the feed they really were as blanks up till now have been few and far between.


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