Monday, 25 April 2016

Closed Season Zander Quest Pt.33 – Tough Going

Zander are a pain in the proverbials, just when I thought I’d worked them out I had such a mediocre morning session that if it wasn’t for my knowledge of this stretch I wouldn’t likely return.

All very odd….

I had started down from where I usually fish just to try a few new spots that looked like they had potential but swim after swim the floats were motionless.

It gradually saw more and more foot and bike traffic too which I’m not a fan of, even the visually pleasant female joggers didn't help with my sanity. I like the neglected stretches and the bigger Zander seem to agree with me.

So with an hour and a half left I walked back to where I originally came and leapfrogged a stretch of thick cover where I’d had some Zander before. 

Bugger all, until the very end when I snatched a small greedy scrapper. I’m sure the boat coming through a little earlier helped, sometimes it does.

I’m sure there was an easy explanation, they were just not in a feeding mood and nothing I could do about it. I’ve been a little spoilt of late and should remember they are not that easy these Zander. I’ve been through the blank sessions and walked miles and miles in pursuit of fresh air.

So short and sweet, on to the next session, and back to the lower reaches of the Tefal Head.

Another area I took Danny too is also on the radar but it’s all about the timing, because as soon as a lock opens you’re knackered. Maybe even a rig chop and change as it needs to be fished differently than a relatively light float set-up. Maybe a more anchored approach is the key.


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