Monday, 22 February 2016

Grand Union Canal – Clear-cut

I hadn’t fished this part of the Grand Union before but wow, what a contrast to the areas I usually fish, despite the recent deluge of rain this section was crystal clear, easily a metre of clarity. Now, not ideal conditions for fishing, as this one and a half mile stretch were also largely featureless. There was a small series of locks but there were large in scale but also very open to the elements so there were white tips on the surface when I got there.

I had a lure rod and a deadbait float set-up which would be fished overdepth in various likely looking areas.

The first retrieve of the deadbait a small jack Pike came up from the depths to have a nose as this shiny chunk of fish and made a large surface disturbance when it caught sight me. It quickly returned from where it came and never to be seen again.

I had originally planned to fish a bright lure which I’ve done well with in water with some colour in it but I swopped to a lure a little more sympathetic with the environment. In my experience with this clarity the Zander would have a reluctance to feed but I’d did think the Pike would be around but after a few hours without a nibble and after speaking to another angler who also remained biteless I did think of changing venues.

I was here for a reason though as we had an overnight stay at the Father-In-Laws just round the corner so I blagged myself a little fishing trip in the morning whilst the kids were getting in their morning routine, better stick with it..

I ventured past the locks and to a more sheltered area with some moored features but again, not even a touch on the deadbait or even a follow on the lure, this was not looking good. I sort of get a feeling these days when walking the local cut and this inaugural trip did nothing to think I better rush back.

I’m planning on repeating my 2015 Zander challenge for the forthcoming closed season and have plenty new areas to try so I’m not giving up on this stretch yet, I’m sure when there is some colour to the water and the locks are not like the North Sea it will fishing completely differently, we'll see.

I've forgotten what a decent fish looks like….


  1. I see you have one of the Savage Gear folding nets if I'm not mistaken. I got one as a Christmas present. Only used it once but I quite like it for piking. Quick to get it into action and hook friendly.

  2. It is indeed, I've had it for a couple of years now and it features in 95% of my canal fishing. The rubber mesh makes removing hook(s) from the net easy.

    Nice pike btw, I'd like something like that at the moment. Hopefully cross paths in the new season.

    1. I'd rather have caught it by design though! Still optimistic for something nearer twenty, but time is short now. This weekend could be promising I think.

  3. Hello Mick, recognise that stretch , I was surprised the LACC took it on , it's been hammered for years even with the rubbish parking. I fished it two weeks ago and never had a touch but was warned off most of it by a CRT official who said we couldn't fish by the boat moorings , anywhere near the locks and even in the boatyard pound as that was too narrow ? Like the blog .

    1. Maybe they got it cheap ? I'm not rushing back, I've far more local and productive stretches. Also far too open for my liking, I prefer some tree cover. I do like venturing to pastures new though, but sadly it did nothing for me.


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