Monday, 22 December 2014

Chub 4, Barbel 0

The week previous to this morning session had been pretty mild, well for this time of year anyway. A December Barbel was a possibility and if the Barbel weren’t feeding then a Chub should be. I’ve neglected the ‘Brook’ of late but as soon as the temperature lowers my favourite stretch of the river will be my first port of call as I’ve seen some PB beating Chub that I need to get into the mix with.

 I was bankside just after 7.00am, just as dawn was beginning to get into its stride. Garlic spam on one rod, cheese paste the other baits were positioned just off the main flow of the river in a nice slack area. It was the highest I’d seen in ages and looking at the debris in boarding trees it had been much higher too.

The first hour proved the most productive with 3 fish banked, albeit only small Chub, and an absolute whacker of a bite that could have only been a Barbel but it somehow ditched the hook. I decided to try a couple more swims without success so I returned to where I came and had the biggest Chub of the day, a nadger over 3lb. Not the most successful fishing trip but enjoyable all the same. It’s the Christmas break soon so I’m looking forward to a few trips out, Zander and Perch all going well.


  1. Well Mick, it's just a matter of time until a lump appears, the tactics are right and you caught a few, it has to be said I'm not entirely sure how big your Skelly's get, down here 4's are common enough and 5's can be caught pretty much every trip if targeted, also the Thames constantly throws up 6's, 7's and the occasional 8!, the two latter I've not had the privilege of catching but I have seen one of my close pal's bank a 7lb 11oz Chub off the Thames whilst livebaiting for Pike......a biggey must be in that Wark's Avon surely. Tight Lines.

    1. James I've caught chub over five in the past but pre blogging and before taking it a bit more serious. No doubt they are there as other anglers have caught them and I've seen them just not had luck go my way yet to get to weigh one properly. Not a river for the biggest of fish, but certainly some decent fish to be had. I just want it colder and go roving properly, my sort of fishing.


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