Saturday, 8 November 2014

Nothing worse than cold feet....

So for this winter season I've treated myself to some Muck Boots Arctic Sports. They have a breathable 'Airmesh' insulated lining with thick neoprene that hopefully will keep my tootsies toasty. I've tried no manner of boot and sock combinations so I'm hoping these will be an improvement on them all. I love my winter fishing, probably my favorite season but I've never been able to keep my toes warm for long sessions, so much so being uncomfortable has cut my sessions short.

I take a size 9 and it's sized about right as I can wear a thick sock, they are also more 'fitted' and flexible than the previous wellies I've tried so should suit my roving style. No fishing this weekend as it's the annual lads trip to the 'Big Smoke'.


  1. Bought a pair of these last year but it was so bloody wet (floods) and mild that I never wore them! I've only worn them round the house! First impressions were very warm! Lethal on wet kitchen tiles though. My one reservation before buying them was the grip because a few reviews mentioned this. But hopefully once worn in etc they won't be too slippy. If the worse comes to the worse I'll get some 'Yaktrax' grips (which seems insane considering the cost of the boot...)

  2. I've heard the Muck Boots don't offer the best grip, the Artic about the best of the bad bunch it seems. I'll give them a go first to see what they are like and I'm hoping the terrain I fish I won't have a problem. Ta for the heads up on the Yaktrax though.

  3. I did question my sanity when paying so much for a boot but they're obviously not a 'normal' boot and in the grand scheme of other fishing tackle bought over a year etc it's not outrageous. I get cold feet. Nothing I can do about it. I don't know if it's a circulation issue or what. The vast majority of reviews I found were positive. Just the odd grumble.


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