Saturday 10 May 2014

Crucian a plenty !!

I bumped in to Anthony Simmons from LAA at Snitterfield reservoir this morning, he was partaking in a little R&D project which will likely feature in the newsletter so I won't spoil it for him, but I was glad I was of some assistance. It involved Crucians and there are already plenty in here. Thing is you can go days without catching a single one but when they are on the feed they are mad for it. Today they were mad for it. My best at this venue is 1lb 12oz's but I've lost bigger one that was well over that.

I used two rods, a sensitive float set-up with Lone Angler paste on the hook and the other a sleeper rod with a korum grub feeder filled with red maggot and alternating between fake corn and maggot. Snitterfield has a great variety of fish and today's catch consisted of Perch, Roach, Rudd, Tench, Skimmers and luckily for me mainly Crucians. When they are feeding mood though you can catch quite a few within a small space of time and they seem to feed in waves.

Avoid using lots of feed especially pellets because the large head of greedy bream soon home in on the bait, as soon as you catch one you will likely catch plenty, great if you're a match fisherman wanting to bag-up but not so great if you're specifically targeting the lovely little crocks of gold. The old warriors are still here but it's a big expanse of water so it's needle in the haystack stuff. A couple a three years ago some more were introduced and by the condition of the ones I caught today they are certainly doing well. Fish close in as the marginal shelf drops away. I've found the summer evening a great time to target the bigger ones so as I'm only 5 minutes away I'll be back to try for them again.

Both the float and mini bolt-rig set-up worked equally as well and I managed 15 or so, the biggest was just over a pound ,not a bad return for a short mornings session.


  1. Nice report Mick. Haven't renewed my Leamington book yet but this post is encouraging me to do so.

    1. First time I've been down for ages, certainly has a nice variety of fish.

  2. I love crucians but havn,t caught one for many a year now. Used to fish a local club water at night with my Dad using a float with a nightlight and bread on the hook, we had some cracking fish this way. He always caught more than me even if our floats were fished a foot apart with identical set ups lol.


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