Monday, 30 September 2013

A dry spell...

Last weekend I didn't even wet a line, a visit to a good friend of mine in Durham meant I didn't have time. It's dark at 7.30pm now so a trip in the week after work isn't really possible either. My twice a week fishing trips are now well and truly over.

So where is the rain ? the driest I've known it in recent times and with rivers low the fishing ain't that good. Yesterday I had a trip to the Avon brook. I had some worms in the fridge that were going to be trotted under a chubber float and I also had a small small lure rod with me and just planned to have a rove around. The water was gin clear, low and in nearly every swim I could see the bottom. It's a great time to map the features of the river, but not so good for the fishing.

What a glorious sunrise I was greeted with. It was mild too and a little muggy, but fishing isn't all about catching fish, the scene reminded me why I get up and go fishing in the morning, stunning.

First swim I tried was my Perch banker swim, I've had some big'uns at this swim in the past. I couldn't believe how clear the water was though so only greedy little Perch took a liking to the worms.

The weir didn't produce any fish and a couple of swims downstream I noticed a tree is now covering the river, great for fish cover but next year the annual Wellesbourne & District Lions Club charity raft race with have some fun getting past this obstacle.

The first bend downstream of the weir I clocked 5 decent chub feeding in the flow but the river was at it's narrowest so trotting a float was difficult as it was motoring through. I did manage a few small chub and quite a few Perch but nothing of size.

The deeper swims again produced some small chub and perch but nothing more than 1/2 a pound. I was the only angler at the brook today. Please can we have some rain, a good two weeks worth would be nice. It was 18 degrees when I left a 11.00am.

I'm struggling to know what to fish for and next weekend I might try for another River Carp. I've not caught a decent fish in ages, definitely a dry spell in more ways than one.

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  1. You're not alone. It's pretty desperate.


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