Monday 26 November 2012

College Pool - Wasperton - 25.11.12

With my usual haunts, the Warwickshire Stour and the Avon at serious flood levels I didn't have many options, Snitterfield Reservoir is just down the road from me but I've never done any good there when it's been cold, College pool on the other hand, the fish always seem to bite. It's a small pool that's was excavated for Gravel so it's deep, proper deep in places so don't even attempt to plumb the depth. The pool contains some of the pound for pound some of the hardest fighting carp you have ever come across, some reported Perch of well over 3lb, Barbel and some sizeable Bream.

I had some worms I had to use up so I decided to target the Perch, a ledger rod set high in the air with a light bobbin and a Perch bobber fished in the margin, chopped worm and small prawns were used as feed. The wind was gusting over 20mph but I managed to find a sheltered spot at the far side of the lake where the surface was surprisingly calm. There is nothing better than seeing a float bob around and then sail under, probably the nicest way of fishing as there is not denying what's happening under the water.

Bites were hard to come by but eventually the float went under and I was in to a fish, I thought it was a decent Perch as first however College Pool it could can be anything so and when the fish came to the surface I was suprised to see a Chub. It was blind in one eye but a nice looking fish all then same, you can always rely on a Chub to save the Day, one of my favorite species of fish.

I caught some small Perch but nothing of size, a couple of other Anglers near the car park end were sat behind their rod pods and bit alarms targeting the carp but never had a touch when I left 3 hours after I arrived. I've said before this place is a credit to Leamington Anglers association, probably my favorite still water. I'm sure I spotted Keith Jobling ? when leaving the village, certainly looked like him.


  1. Mick.

    Catching blind fish, what ever next, fly fishing?

    Best Wishes.

  2. I clocked your scooby Mick!

    Was out for a country walk and to take a look at the river. The depth of water flowing through the lower car park on Leamington's Wasperton stretch was s sight to behold.

  3. Keith, if I wasn't already late I'd have stopped for a natter, as you say proper flooded hopefully things will get back to normal soon.


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