Saturday 15 September 2012

The Warwickshire Avon - 15.09.12

I had planned to do some long trotting today but exploring a new area of the Avon I stumbled upon a great looking swim, The swim was snaggy, some would say unfishable, but it screamed Perch, it was a quiet haven, slack of water and full of cover, I had to try it.

An underarm cast with a big lobworm the chubber float hadn't settled for a second before it bobbed, dipped and sailed under. Probably the quickest bite I've had. I decent bend in the rod I could see in the shallow clear water it was a decent Perch.

2lb 5oz and not far off my PB, the next two and a half hours I had bite after bite, fish after fish until I ran out of worms. The majority were over 8oz, that makes a change doesn't it. A few around the l lb mark and another two over two pound. I lost the biggest too, it found an underwater snag and it managed to bump the hook.

All the fish were in fantastic condition and the shoal must have been huge. Late Autumn and Winter I'll be targeting the Perch and Chub, River fish are more more thing, I prefer the roving approach, the peace and quiet and the unpredictability.

A day I'll remember.


  1. Well done Mick, good bit of fishing and some clonking perch.

  2. Nice fishing Mick, just how far up the Avon were you? I have been exploring a stretch up the 'top end'......

  3. Stratford area...

    I went down for a quick hour last night and nothing on King Prawn or a Mepps.

    Gin clear though, so was good to do some exploring as I've found some nice deep gullies that might be good for Barbel.


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